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The humble pair of mom fit jeans are the most timeless and versatile pieces of clothing. Mom jeans are the best with baggy legs to the cinched waist, and you should add them to your wardrobe. You can wear them out with friends on the weekend, wear them to work on a casual Friday, or dress them up for a date night.

mom fit jeans
mom jean

This trend, of course, is not the newest, but now it is gaining momentum, as it is part of the global fashion trend of the 90s. In recent years, the world has been ruled by comfort and freedom of movement. (Think of the widespread sneakers!) Mom’s jeans are not tight that’s why perfect for the modern girl.

Mom Jeans Meaning and Definition

So what are these magical jeans? These “mom jeans” are just your average jeans with extra room in the thighs and hips. Also, they have plenty of giving, so they will move with you as you walk and sit down.

Are mom fit jeans flattering for women like they were back in the day? Let’s find out!

Mom Jeans Meaning and Definition

Mom jeans are the hight waisted casual, laid-back pair of pants that moms wear while hanging with their kids. They’re the ones that often have extra room in the waist and hips, plus they have plenty of stretches so you can bend, sit and walk without looking like you are wearing a tent.

mom jean outfits

You’ve probably already heard about Mom jeans and the new wave of popularity for this item. What shape are mom jeans?

Mom’s jeans were popular in the 90s because they were very comfortable and perfect. They hide a few extra centimeters at the waist and hips.

These hight waist jeans can be rolled up.

мама джинсы

Are mom jeans in style 2022?

Mom jeans are in style 2022; they are great cycle fashionable pants! The best thing about mom fit jeans is that they are easy to accessorize, like shoelaces or belts, making your legs look longer. You can wear this trendy jeans at work or at a party.

mom jean
mom jean

How to find the perfect mom jeans body type?

Are mom jeans flattering on different body types?

Hight waist mom fit jeans are one of the very flattering styles for all women’s body types.

mom jean style

Regardless of your body shape – slim, plump, skinny, tall, or medium – mam jeans are for you. A free cut allows you to hide the fullness and all existing imperfections of the legs. Fashion jeans with a high rise visually make the waist thinner. So you don’t have to give up trendy jeans, especially since they are so comfortable! But this modesty looks interesting, attractive, and even sexy.

mom jean outfits

The fashion style allows you to hide a small tummy and imperfect hips and other figure flaws under the clothes. Look at the photo.

How to find the perfect pair of jeans depends on your body type?

Do you have an hourglass figure or a pear shape? Here’s how to buy the best pair of jeans for your body type.

If you’re an hourglass, choose your favorite jeans. Straight leg, boot cut, wide leg, or cigarette-style will do.

mom jean

If you have a more curvy hourglass body type, choose mom jeans that are skinny on the bottom and wide at the waist. They will emphasize your legs and hips if you wear them right with a belt. When your top is not too tight, it will make your waist look slimmer.

mom fit jeans

If you have an inverted triangle body type, then choose mom jeans that are fitted on the bottom and loose on top to balance out your hips and thighs. You can also wear a boot-cut style to give yourself some volume at the bottom.

Mom jeans are very suitable for an inverted triangle shape.

mom jeans body type

Mom jeans make you look fuller if your thighs are very large compared to other parts of your pear body shape.

how to style mom jeans plus size

Therefore, for obese women, you need to pick mom jeans carefully. When it comes to wearing mom jeans plus size, the key to flattering is choosing the right pair. You need to read it now!

how to wear plus size mom jeans

Learn about dresses that hide your tummy.

What to wear with mom jeans?

Mom fit jeans are a classic, and you can wear them as much as you want. Learn main styling tips about what to wear with mom jeans. You can wear them in all seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter.

mom jean style

How to wear mom fit jeans in summer?

Shirt plus jeans

How to wear mom’s jeans with a shirt? This is one of the most successful images. The shirt can be tucked fully or half into the trousers, depending on fashion trends. This will help to showcase all the features of the jeans in the best possible way. And be sure of your great taste! For a modest, casual look, choose a white or colored shirt and plain jeans.

mom jeans with mom jeans

Ripped jeans

For more daring fashionistas, we offer ripped jeans that look like boyfriends. Add a simple plaid or wtite shirt to your jeans. Heeled shoes or flats complete this look, showcasing other styles full of contrasts and femininity.

mom jean outffits

Vintage style

Do you feel a little retro beauty girl today? If you want to add a touch of vintage to your fashionable mom jean outfit, then wear a silk or cotton blouse with jeans. Grab a retro leather tote bag and classic high heels just like the old days.

business mom jean outfits

Simple and familiar

Wear mom jeans with a basic slim t-shirt or roll-neck to lengthen your body to streamline your silhouette. A typical mom jean outfit can be dyed in different moods depending on which T-shirt you choose. Add some sneakers or shoes to it and you are ready for any turn of life.

mom fit jeans with t-shirt

Grey mom’s jeans

 Do not think that fashionable denim is presented exclusively in blue. In addition to the usual heavenly range, you can choose alternative options: black or gray. Gray (slightly faded) looks especially original, which allows you to instantly change the usual representation of a denim ensemble.

mom jean outfits

White mom’s jeans

Mom’s white jeans are perfect for summer! The loose fit does not hinder movement, the white color reflects the sun’s rays. And at the same time it does not look fat and does not give extra centimeters on the hips. To be one hundred percent confident in your slimness and originality, add heels or wedges.

wear mom jeans in summer

Sport girl

If you want to create a trendy sporty look, then you can wear a crop top or t-shirt with mom fit jeans. Denim will support a slight casualness of the image. A pair of sneakers are suitable for this image.

mom jean outfit

Business outfit

The next photo is an image with a touch of officialism: jeans with a strict blouse that will look good even with a pencil skirt. Are you saying that jeans are not business attire? If your boss thinks so, then alas … But all over the world, there is a tendency to soften the strict rules of the business dress code, more and more loyal administrators appear, neo-business style is becoming fashionable.

mom jean outfits

Your youth

The owners of the perfect tummy can wear mom jeans with a crop top. Due to the fact that the trousers fit snugly at the waist, they further emphasize the features of the female figure.

mom jeans with crop top
mom jean style

How to wear mom jeans in winter?

Leather jacket and mom fit jeans

A leather jacket with a shirt or t-shirt creates a layered look that is favored by the modern fashion industry. Standard thinking suggests adding sneakers, heeled shoes, or ankle boots to this look. We create a slim and feminine light rock style for women who are ready for new adventures.

mom fit jeans with leather jacket

Sweater or short cardigan

Of course, mom’s jeans complete with a sweater are one of the typical for the cold season. If you get bored, choose a handbag or shoes of an unusual color, as in the photo. And one more tip: if the sweater is not too tight, tuck it into jeans to define the waistline and demonstrate the beauty of the trouser cut.

winter mom jean outfits


The coat is suitable for outerwear. A long or short coat, a spacious cape is suitable for the perfect denim look.

мама джинсы

Use fishnets under the ripped jeans for high-fashion twists in winters.

mom jeans in winter

What are the trendy mom jean outfits?

Here are a few of the trending mom jeans style.

The best way to wear them is to stay simple and navy blue. You can pair it with simple pieces of denim, sneakers, and pastels. Mom jeans may be given a new twist depending on current needs, like all the basics. They come in high-fashion variations such as pleats at the side, gussets in the rear, and rinsed-out colors.

mom jean outfits
moms jeans

What shoes to wear with mom jeans?

What shoes to pair with mom jeans?

– Pair them with baggy sweaters and kitten heels during transitional seasons for casual meetings.

– Wear it with sneakers or moccasins to make it a sportier look.

mom jean style

-Create mom jean outfit with a basic t-shirt and white sneakers.

– You can also try oversized blazers and sneakers for a more stylish look. Choose chic blazer and ankle boots for stylish mom fit outfit.

mom fit jeans

– You can also wear them with heels for a little extra style.

What shoes to pair with mom jeans

– Choose wedges over heels to keep your feet and ankles supported.

– Try a booties with a knit sweater to pair with mom jeans.

– Experts recommend wearing heels and ankle boots for short girls.

мама джинсы

– Tall girls can pair jeans with sneakers, flat loafers or sandals.

What shoes to wear with mom jeans

After examining all the photos in the article, it is easy to conclude that you can wear jeans with almost any shoe.

The only thing that our stylists crossed out from the list of suitable shoes is high boots. Rolled-up jeans cannot be tucked into boots, and if you put jeans over boots, then all the beauty of the shoes will be hidden under the fabric.

Read about how to wear mom jeans plus size in another article on our website.

mom jeans plus size

In short, mom fit jeans are a great go-to wardrobe addition for any occasion. So, add a few to your collection now.

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