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Women’s ripped jeans are coming back in style for the 2022 season – and it is no surprise for seasoned fashion lovers and media representatives and brand promotion teams. We are seeing a resurgence of older fashion coming back into play in 2022 from the late 1980s and 1990s. 

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Baggy ripped jeans in 2022 will be a signature look that you can dress up and dress down. Anyone can wear ripped jeans no matter what age they are, and you can achieve many different looks. We will go over that in this article so keep reading to learn more about how women’s ripped jeans in 2022 are coming back in style!

Are ripped jeans still in style 2022?

Yes! Women’s ripped jeans 2022 will be in style, and it could be one of the biggest fashion trends of the year. We first saw jeans in the early 1900s as a staple piece for (mostly) men doing labor work as it was a durable fabric. They bought and wore jeans because they didn’t rip easy – how ironic now!

Are ripped jeans still in style 2022

In the 1980s and 1990s, it was the height of punk rock and grunge music. Wide-leg torn jeans, baggy clothes, and flannel were staples in many wardrobes. Pairing all of these elements together and destroying the clothes was in fashion and was a sign of anarchy and rebellion. Going against the normal fashion trends and against that status-quo was the important statement.

Now, we see brands of distressing jeans for their customers before they purchase them. Denim material can be hard to distress and rip on your own while making it look good. That’s why brands do it for you – so that they can make it look good and so their brand won’t look bad. 

At what age should you not wear ripped jeans?

You can wear ripped jeans at any age! This trendy jean style 2023 is for everyone, from teenagers to someone in their 60s – you just need to know what to look for in torn jeans. Companies make jeans that are only slightly ripped, to jeans that have almost your whole leg exposed. You just need to know what style you want and where to find the right jeans for you.

Are ripped jeans in style 2022

How does someone younger wear ripped jeans?

Someone who is a teenager to their late 20’s and even into their 30’s can wear very distressed jeans. You want to look for jeans that are a bit looser if there is a lot of distressing, as sometimes when the ripped are stretched over your skin it can look bad. 

ripped jeans 2022

Make sure you pay attention to your body shape and pick jeans that will not only look good with your body shape but also your height and have the right amount of distressing.

How does someone older wear ripped jeans?

We recommend someone a bit older – from the mid-’30s to ’60s and even older – tame down the ripped jean look. You can certainly still wear ripped jeans, but wearing jeans where the whole leg is showing is considered a younger style. 

At what age should you not wear ripped jeans

Many jean companies will have jeans that are just slightly distressed or only have small holes around the knees. Some pants will have distressing with patches on the backside of them – meaning there won’t be any skin showing. This is a great option if you want the edgy ripped look, but you want to be more modest as well.

How to wear women’s ripped jeans 2022?

You can dress up or dress down ripped jeans easily. Jeans in general are such a staple piece in any wardrobe. Adding ripped jeans to your wardrobe can be a fun way to make this classic piece a bit more fun and edgy.

Jeans have been a staple piece in most wardrobes for generations – well after the working man used them for a staple uniform piece. Jeans are now so common, that they are worn almost every day by many people.

Wearing ripped jeans is almost like wearing any other pair of jeans – you just need to know how you want to style them, and what will look good on your body type. 

ripped jeans for plus size

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Best Outfits For Women’s Ripped Jeans 2022

Punk Rock Look

You can go all out and style your ripped jeans in a classic punk rock or grunge style. Grab a pair of really ripped and distressed jeans, an old oversized band t, and a long sleeve flannel shirt. Tie the flannel shirt around your waist and also pair it with a pair of sleek black Dr. Martens boots. 

Women’s Ripped Jeans outfits

Classy and Edgy

If you want to keep the style classy but add a bit of edgy-ness with the ripped jeans, we’ve got you covered. This style will work best with jeans that are only slightly distressed.

Pair this look with a button-up ¾ sleeve-length blouse – white is always a classic button-up color. If you are wearing black or dark blue jeans you can pair this with a colored cropped cardigan if you wanted a pop of color. If you want to keep it more professional, pair it with a blazer like in the photo above. You can also pair this look with boots or heels.

ripped jeans 2022


The casual look is always the easiest, and nothing says casual like an old pair of torn jeans. You can pair your ripped or distressed jeans with basic white or black T and white sneakers. 

ripped jeans 2022

Pop Of Color – Or All White/Black

Try finding ripped jeans that are a fun color – like maroon or army green. These are fun colors that are also more on the neutral side. You can pair them with a white or black T for a classic look, and add army boots for the extra bit of edgy style. 

You could also go for a pair of white or black jeans for the same effect as a colored pair of jeans – it is definitely different from the typical blue jean that we are used to seeing. You could also go all one color for a monochromatic look.

how to wear with ripped jeans?

If you decide to go with colored jeans, it is best to leave the rest of your wardrobe plain – but you can add more excitement with your accessories.


Nothing is more sporty than rocking a pair of ripped blue jeans, an athletic t-shirt or crew neck, and a pair of white sneakers or converse shoes. You can pair your jeans with Addidas, Nike, Champion, Puma – any athletic brand T-shirts, sweaters, or coats and sneakers! It is an easy outfit to throw together quickly for a very casual look.  

how to wear ripped jeans

What shoes to wear with ripped jeans?

Any shoes can be paired with fashionable ripped jeans. If you have the right length for your body shape and height, you could wear these jeans with any boots or heels. 

women's ripped jeans 2022

Wearing ripped trendy jeans with boots is a classic because they both are from the same fashion era. Wearing heels with ripped jeans is a fun twist that pairs professional/sexy with punk rock.

What shoes to wear with ripped jeans

If you want the ultimate comfort, you can’t go wrong with pairing ripped jeans with a sneaker or a loafer-style van shoe. You could also wear jeans with sandals, espadrilles, and slides as well, as these are both very casual footwear. 


You can wear any type of ripped jeans, whether you are a younger person or an older person. You just have to know what kind of style you are going for, and then you can incorporate age-appropriate wear. However, if you want to wear something that others may think isn’t age-appropriate – that is okay too! You can wear whatever style you feel most comfortable in.

You can wear a punk rock style, classy and edgy, casual, colorful, and sporty ripped jeans! Women’s ripped jeans go with any fashion style and any footwear. The only thing we recommend is checking the weather before wearing ripped jeans – they can be quite cold in the winter months! Ripped jeans expose a lot more skin, so make sure to wear layers in the winter(or avoid ripped jeans if it’s really cold), and wear sunscreen on exposed skin in the summer!

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