7 Best Jean Styles 2021-2022 for women

Jeans clothing styles have never been out-style and are not bound to do so— for a good reason, of course. Similar to other varieties of essential clothing in your wardrobes such as dresses and skirts, jean styles always evolve and adapt to the current trending fashion outlook.

2021 jeans style
Brandon Maxwell Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show
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What jeans are in fashion 2021-2022? You must know these new jean styles 2021-2022!

2021-2022 Jeans Style

2020 was mostly a stay-home year due to the pandemic. This led many to drop the office attire and focus on athleisure, loungewear, and pajamas. It may have been a comfy and cozy year in terms of clothing, but most of us were itching to get a bit dressed up. And there’s no better way to get dressed up than with a nice pair of trendy jeans.

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Valentino Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show

Regarding that, last year was more about ripped jeans, pleat-fronts, with cropped looks dominating. Moving on to 2022022, new jean styles are coming with some fresh choices. The 2021 jean styles and fashionable pants 2021 are not only stylish but also comfortable.

2021 jeans style
Victoria Beckham 2021

Towards the end of last year, experts outlined some predictions on jean trends that would be popular in 2021-2022.

One of the trends predicted is the continued use of biodegradable denim. More people are slowly developing a more urgent need to protect the environment. Conversely, retailers and designers will be expected to produce multiple stretch and biodegradable denim with decomposable materials extracted from plants, thus producing a very little impact on the environment.

Denim 2021
Women’s Stella McСartney Marble Print Biodegradable Denim
What style jeans are in for 2021-2022?

If you’re eager to see what the 2021 jean trends will have to offer, keep reading. We have some trends for you.

1. Straight-fit jean styles 2021-2022

Getting away from the 1990s style in 2021-2022 proved almost impossible, and the trend is set to continue this year with a major focus on straight-legs jeans styles. Also, it appears that skinny jeans are not going out of style any time soon as many predicted. However, certain details of the skinny jeans will. Slim denim’s cousin, straight-fit jeans, are slowly replacing them from the landscape. The iconic straight-fit jean style has been a favorite for many jean lovers for its timeless appeal that comes with it. Many collections are optimistic that the straight-fit jean style will perform strongly in 2021-2022.

jean style 2021
Valentino Spring 2021
jeans style 2021
Ermanno Scervino Resort 2021 Fashion Show

2. Blue wash trend in jeans

Blue jeans are another really classic jean style that shouldn’t miss out on your wardrobe this year. By blue, we mean a denim blue that’s faintly faded and not indigo. The blue jean trend has been around for some time and offers plenty of washes one can pick from to get their preferred shade. If you’re looking to have a wardrobe that is future-proof in 2021-2022, blue jean is the best color you can pick.

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Valentino Spring 2021 Menswear Fashion Show
2021 jeans trend
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3. Wide leg jean style for 2021-2022

While 2021 may not feature jean trends with elasticated waistbands, there will be those with slightly loose-fits on the legs. If you are looking to remain trendy this year, look out for the wide leg jeans that come with a touch of the ‘70s-style silhouettes. The reputation of loose-fit jeans is expected to grow in 2021 as they offer so much flattering and versatility, thus increasing popularity.

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jeans trends 2021
2021 jeans style
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4. Slim boot-cut jeans

Boot-cut jeans are expected to make a resurgence to the denim world this year. It might scare you that this iconic style was worn in the 1970s in a dark wash, but you shouldn’t be scared. This jean style is flattering and appears ultra-sleek, especially when accompanied by heeled ankle boots. There is nothing not to like here.

2021 jeans style
Balmain Spring 2021
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5. Skater jean style

The loose-fitting shape of pleated jeans is slowly crawling out of the way as the baggy style skater jeans are approaching the center stage in 2021. These skater jeans are relaxed and feature a low-slung fit that look very cool and laid-back, especially when accompanied by a long slouchy hemline that hangs around and covers your feet. You can rock these skater jeans with nice sneakers and a graphic T-shirt to wholly achieve the skater-kid style.

2021 jean styles
2021 jeans style

6. Flare jeans

Flared jeans have been a great part of women’s wardrobes for the last few years. Their popularity returned from the hippie era. The main feature of this style is versatility. Flared jeans fit both plump and slim ladies.
The flare jeans’ length may be different. Flared jeans 2021 can have a maximum length that covers the heel, as well as 3/4 or 7/8 lengths.

Read about all flared jean style 2021 now!

2021 jeans trend
Victoria Beckham 2021
Flare from the knee jeans
Driftwood Farrah Embroidered Flare Jeans
Driftwood Farrah 2020-2021

7. Undone hem jeans

Undone hem jeans with frayed edges is a trend you’re going to witness everywhere in the streets and social media in 2021. One good thing about the undone hem jeans trend is that you don’t have to buy a new pair of this style of jeans. If buying new jeans isn’t your thing right now, you can also opt to DIY by cutting out the hem on your jeans with a seam ripper.

2021 jeans style
Victoria Beckham Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show
2021 jeans trends
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Do you like these new jean styles 2021-2022?

Do what you got to do, but do not be left behind by these 2021 jean trends. However, the jean styles 2021-2022 highlighted above this doesn’t mean you should throw away your best pair of jeans simply because it isn’t trending in 2021-2022. Keep that what you love. As earlier stated, jeans never go out of fashion.

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