Are long skirts still in style 2020?

Maxi skirts always were a favorite detail of clothes of elegant ladies. They did not go out of fashion in past seasons. And here we are, long skirts are in fashion in 2020. Grand couturiers have already presented the new products of this year’s season, and even made forecasts for 2020-2021: a new influx of popularity is expected.

In the new collections you can see the trends of past years – pleated, wrapped skirts and others. At the same time, new trends in long skirts appeared: eclecticism (mixing styles), asymmetry, bright prints, details of décor – frills and flounces. The combinations with the crop top have slightly changed – they may be unexpected, but original and harmonious.

Trendy maxi skirts 2020
Valentino 2020

Fashionable long skirts 2020: popular models

Which long skirts are in fashion in 2020?

Yes, maxi skirts are in style 2020. Let’s try to gain insight into different styles.

Of the many varieties of long skirts, several main silhouettes can be distinguished:

  • flared
  • A-shaped
  • trumpet-skirt
  • pencil skirt

Flared skirt. This model includes a circular skirt – a full skirt with many tucks, on a belt or an elastic band, and a «semi-circle skirt» – a model similar to the previous one, but less wide.

Long flared skirts are very suitable for summer ensembles. Made of light, flowing fabrics – silk, chiffon or organza, they create the impression of lightness and grace.

fashionable long skirts 2020

A striking detail of an evening dress can be a long flared skirt made of heavier materials – satin, thick silk, velvet, and brocade. In this case, it is necessary to find a balance of proportions, since these fabrics can visually add volume.

maxi skirts 2020
Sally LaPointe 2020

A-shaped skirts.  It’s a fitted flared model that emphasizes the waist, visually balances the proportions of shoulders and hips. Due to the wide variety of such models, the best option can be selected for any figure. The a-shaped skirt is in the list of top 10 skirts that hide the stomach.

  • Wrapped skirts – a skirt with a vertical or diagonal wrap will make the figure more slender.
  • Pleated skirt – this decorative element can be very different and will help to form the desired stylish look, from romantic outfit to business. This style also includes the pleated dress, which is loved by many women. It’s still popular this year.
trendy long skirts 2020
Carolina Herrera 2020
maxi skirts 2020
These Resort 2020
  • Denim skirts – A-shaped skirts of denim have entered the trends from past seasons. It can be a strict A-silhouette or a two-three-layer model, often such skirts are sewn with a strap and buttons.

Flippy skirt. Popular, elegant and sophisticated style, very effective in maxi length. In the 2019-2020 season, designers offer feminine models with pleats, belts, pockets, and decorative elements.

long skirts 2020
Giorgio Armani Resort 2020

Trumpet skirts. This model combines the severity of a straight skirt and a flared bottom. In long «trumpet» skirts, the silhouette is created due to a wide flounce, panels or bias cut. «Year» is retro and classic, it has been especially in demand during the past seasons, it combines solemnity and romance.

fashionable skirts 2020
Alexis Mabille Prêt-À-Porter Printemps-Été 2020

Straight skirts and «pencils». These models are suitable for women who are not afraid to emphasize their hips. It’s important that the pencil skirt is suitable for both plus-sized and slender women. A tight-fitting, narrow skirt is usually made of knitwear, either with a slit or a wrap, so as not to hamper the movements.

Nowadays, a pencil skirt can be worn even with sneakers, not just with high-heeled shoes.

trendy long skirts 2020
Givenchy 2019-2020

New models of stylish skirts – trends 2020

The designers really got fancy while creating fashionable skirts 2020. You can see all the modern models on our website. And now it’s time to examine in detail the new trends in long skirts.

Asymmetric and split-level. An asymmetric skirt will give originality and uniqueness.

A maxi skirt, in which cut elements differ in length, may be a detail of an office suit, but most of all it is appropriate for a festive occasion.
A model with a shortened front part looks especially impressive when the hem at the back falls to the floor in the form of a train.

long skirts 2020
Etro 2020
long skirts 2020 fashion
Hellessy Resort 2020

Multilayered and multi-tiered. Such skirts are a real catch for the summer. Made from fine natural fabrics, they are feminine, romantic, great for hot days.

In cold weather, multi-tiered skirts made of light denim or soft woolen cloth will be helpful.

long skirts 2020 fashion
Iceberg Spring 2020

Transparent. Long skirts made of transparent fabrics – tulle, mesh, as well as lace – are presented in fashion collections regardless of the time of year. This tell-all transparency is masked in various ways – petticoats, shorts, decorative elements in the form of stones, palettes, embroidery. Of course, this is not an everyday outfit, still it’s elegant and impressive.

maxi skirts 2020
Chloé Resort 2020
maxi skirts 2020
Sacai Spring 2020

Choice according to the season

Perhaps the fashion for long skirts does not fade away, because they can both warm you and give coolness. It depends on the fabric from which they are made.


In the cold season, warm trousers or jeans can be successfully replaced by a long skirt. Maxi skirts from wool, tweed, drape, cashmere retain heat well, while your outfit remains feminine and stylish.

long skirts 2020
Christian Dior 2019-2020
winter long skirts 2020
Max Mara 2020

Look at the best combinations long skirt with boots on our website.


After a long winter, you may want to quickly hide warm things, but spring is changeable and in our climate is not always sunny and warm. In this transition period, maxi skirts from less dense fabrics are worn – knitwear, denim, leather. The color scheme is more appropriate for spring, it’s diverse and bright.

fashionable long skirts 2020
Badgley Mischka Spring 2020


A full skirt is one of the main trends in the summer seasons of recent years; it does not concede its position in 2020 either. This is a riot of colors and a variety of styles. Keeping the main romantic orientation, long summer skirts can represent boho, and ethnic style, and even sports.

maxi skirts 2020 fashin
Badgley Mischka 2020

Experts advise sewing summer maxi skirts from natural fabrics – linen, cotton, chiffon. Such material is water-absorbing and cools the body in the summer heat.

fashionable skirts  2020
Altuzarra 2020


With the beginning of autumn, you can prolong the feeling of summer with the help of bright colors, saturated shades. For autumn maxi skirts, fabrics with a pattern are also recommended – ornaments, large check. For these models, not too dense materials are used – wool, denim, knitwear.

maxi skirts 2020
Akris 2020

Décor and trimmings of fashionable maxi skirts 2020

Various trimming of long skirts is also present at fashion shows.

– Lacing looks quite modern and stylish.

– Inserts of lacework or chiffon can be seen in romantic models.

– Boho skirts are often decorated with fringe.

maxi skirts 2020
Etro 2019-2020

– Ruffles and flounces will add some volume if your figure needs it.

maxi skirts 2020
Chanel 2020

– Folds of different widths and a neat pleat will make the image more feminine.

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The choice of color depends on fashion trends and the purpose of the outfit. Sole colored maxi skirts of neutral tones carry a certain severity, bright – festivity, pastel – lightness and romanticism. However, many women of fashion prefer long skirts with a variety of prints that make the look complete.

maxi skirts 2020
Alice + Olivia Spring 2020 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show
  • Floral motifs are always fashionable, and the new season is no exception. Floral maxi skirts with grass, branches, leaves are the main theme of summer fashionable dresses.
maxi skirts 2020
Christopher Kane 2020
  • Animal prints stubbornly remain the hottest new trend. Changeless leopard and tiger coloring, zebra stripes, tortoise pattern, imitation of crocodile and snakeskin, and even fish scales remain in demand in the models of long skirts 2020.
maxi skirts 2020
Roberto Cavalli 2020
maxi skirts 2020
Missoni 2020
  • Abstract and geometric patterns with clear lines are also in trend.
maxi skirts 2020
Longchamp 2020
long skirts 2020 fashion
Stella Jean 2020
  • Favorite check – classic retro-style and the latest fashion craze – it still has pride of place in the arsenal of maxi skirts.
trendy long skirts 2020
Chanel 2019-2020
maxi skirts 2020
Akris 2020

Fashionable maxi skirts: colors and shades

Color is a very important tool for the correct perception of the maxi skirt outfit. In the fashion collections of this season, stylists determined their preferences for colors and shades:

- classic: black and white;

maxi skirts 2020
Dsquared² 2020
long skirts 2020
Badgley Mischka 2020

- pastel: creamy, coffee with milk, delicate terracotta, beige, gray. For the summer, orange, pink, muted green, as well as wine shades, are relevant.

- bright: all shades of blue, soft, bright tones of red, slightly muffled green.

long skirts 2020 fashion
Altuzarra Resort 2020

How to combine these fashionable shades in 2020? This information no longer fits in the format of the article. Read more about the fashionable colors of skirts and how to combine them with the top in the next article.
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In the fashion catalogs of the new season a wide selection of long skirts in a variety of styles is presented, so choosing a suitable style for any figure is not difficult.

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