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Silvia Tcherassi Pre-Fall 2020

As in the last season, maxi skirts are in fashion 2022! A maxi skirt is clothes that every woman should have because it not only looks fantastic but also looks versatile. You can wear this outfit for different occasions if it’s styled right. 

With summertime officially here, it is time to break out the maxi skirts and your fun colorful tops. The great thing I love about wearing a maxi skirt is you can match it with any kind of top. Plus, when it comes to wearing a maxi skirt, they are flattering to all body types, so you do not have to worry about being a certain size to wear them.

maxi skirts 2020

It is very appealing and attractive, whether you are tall or short. All you need to do is to put it all together as an outfit.
Moreover, they are great for plus-sized women, not just slim girls.

maxi dress to hide belly

How to style a maxi skirt?

Are you confused and don’t know how to put a whole outfit together with a maxi skirt? Do not worry because we are here to help.

What do you know about fashion skirts 2022? Learn it now!

What maxi skirts are the most relevant and versatile this year?

• White Maxi Skirts

White has always been such an elegant and royal color and no one can ever deny that. It not only brings out the best in you, but it also helps lighten up the mood. The color itself is so magical that everybody who wears it tends to be happier.
Wearing a white maxi skirt in warm weather is always a plus point because it is a cool color. A white maxi made out of cotton or linen will bring out the best of you. And it is not necessary to wear a plain white dress, you can go for a little bit of embroidery, with sandals at the bottom.

white maxi skirt

• Maxi Skirts with Slit

You have probably seen this outfit on almost every celebrity, which makes this our personal favorite. This image is so magnificently glamorous, nothing can ever beat this. As much as they are comfortable to wear, they also make it easy for you to walk in it rather than always walking on your dresses.
All you need to make sure is to keep the height of the slit on the ideal point. Not too much and not too less. And voila! You are ready to rock.

black dress with sneakers outfit
long skirt and sneakers

• Denim makes everything great

Denim always gives off such a great vibe. No matter the dress, denim goes with anything. Go for a denim maxi skirt. One of the most comfortable dresses to wear, also one of the most appealing too. This dress might the most balanced dress in terms of casual and formal dressing.
Get yourself a maxi made out of denim, with a t-shirt on top and cowgirl hat. Your outfit of the day.

denim skirt with sneakers
long skirt with sneakers

What kind of tops goes with skirts?

Our main goal is to make sure that you no longer find confusion when thinking about how to wear a maxi skirt. The main question arises: what tops to wear with maxi skirts?
The fact is that maxi skirts complement any type of physique, you just need to make sure which tops will look best.

fashionable maxi skirts

Fashion trends allow you to wear a long skirt with a wide variety of things.  So, let’s see what we can wear with our maxi skirts! What tops to wear for long skirts?

T-shirts, tops, and blouses with maxi skirts make a classic combination that never goes out of style.

• Crop Tops

I mean, isn’t it obvious? This is my number one choice out of all these options. I think that crop tops are the absolute cutest options when it comes to pairing with a maxi skirt. This look can help you give off an edgy vibe which is fun for people to have in their closet. If I wore this outfit, I would want a solid color top and pair it with a fun and bright floral pattern, that way it makes your outfit pop and catch the attention of everyone pretty much.

The golden rule while pairing a maxi skirt with a crop top is “less is always more.” That means go for a crop top and let your skin flaunt itself. There are seemingly infinite ways to style your bold printed maxi skirt. This midriff-baring white crop top is our favorite staple that goes with every type of skirt.

If you don’t want to show too much skin, then pair this up with a sleek white blazer – a combo of classy and sexy!

maxi skirt outfits

Get yourself a black crop top, with a necklace to complement your neck. And make sure to keep it simple.

Crop Top with maxi skirt

You should either go with a plain crop top or a one with linings. Keep it simple to keep it glam. What is our personal favorite? A plain white or black crop top with a maxi skirt. You are surely going to turn some heads around.

Crop Top with maxi skirt
Crop Top with maxi skirt outfit

Linen or lace tops with long skirts are a bold combination for confident girls.

кружевные топы с длинными юбками
Crop Top with maxi skirt

• White Tops

As mentioned before, white-colored clothes go with almost every dress.
The top can be a graphic t-shirt or you could wear something with some embroidery.

Just like the tank top, this is another fun go-to look to have in your closet. You can pair a white tee with any maxi skirt. Literally any skirt. Plus, when you wear this look, you can wear it for any season.  For the summertime, I would suggest maybe pairing off a white tee with a bring and fun maxi skirt.
Also, you can wear a floral design shirt as well. A floral white top looks great and gives off aesthetic vibes.

Crop Top with maxi skirt outfit
макси юбки 2020

Tank Top

This is always one of my favorite go-to looks. Pairing a tank top with a maxi skirt is always a fun spring and summer look that is easy for everyone to wear. It is a casual look for summer, plus you feel super comfortable. If I choose to wear this look, I love to tie the front of the tank top into a knot or tucking in the top and make the skirt look like it is high-waisted.

tank top with maxi skirt
tank top with maxi skirt

Other My Favorite Tops to Wear with A Maxi Skirt

Graphic Tee

Wearing a graphic tee with a maxi skirt is probably one of my favorite looks that I have in my closet. When it comes to the graphics, they are just so versatile and fun to mix and match with your skirts. You can make a bold statement when you wear a fun combination like this.

graphic top with maxi skirt


Wearing a cami and maxi skirt can help give you more of a feminine look. This is always such a cute look, and you can always pair it with a sweater or jacket when it gets cooler in the evenings.

cami top with maxi skirt

Button-up Top

If you are wanting a cute and fun work outfit, then a button-up top and maxi skirt is the way to go. It is a cute and business casual look perfect for your job. You can always tuck it in or tie it in a cute front know. Plus, the skirt can keep you warm in the office if the AC is turned down a little low.

Button-up Top with maxi skirt
wear top with maxi skirt

• Blouses

if you have nothing else to wear with maxi skirts, then wear a blouse. It may seem quite off for the trend but blouses have always been a great top and are probably really comfortable to wear.
A blouse with a maxi skirt goes together and seems like they were made for each other.

макси юбки 2020

In addition to the usual T-shirts and tops, you can also wear a sports jacket or a warm vest. Moreover, girls are allowed to wear long skirt with sneakers.

 длинная юбка с кроссовками

Leather jacket

The clothes of contrasting texture – a leather jacket, a fur jacket look very modern with a long skirt.

The one thing I love about pairing a leather jacket and maxi skirt is that you can add it to almost anything! Literally. You can pair a leather jacket with any of the clothing options I have listed above, except maybe not a sweater (unless you are super cold then go for it). Leather jackets just seem to add more to the statement. They are edgy, fun, comfortable, and a total must-have for the cooler seasons but still fun to wear on those cool summer nights.

макси юбка

• Denim jacket:

Anything with a denim jacket looks great. You can wear a plain shirt on top, with a denim jacket and it will show off your fashion in a great way for sure.
Denim has been on the trend for a long time and it will be long-lasting as well. Denim jacket gives off a rather thrifty look and everyone loves it.

длинная юбка и кроссовки


Cable-knit sweater also looks good with full skirts. It will create a contrasting and stylish youth look, which is very comfortable.

I think wearing a sweater with a maxi skirt is a cute look but one that I think you should wear in the cool evenings. When it comes to sweaters, you can always throw it over a maxi dress and make the outfit look like you are wearing a maxi skirt. This is an easy look to wear, especially if you are in a cooler place for the summertime.

длинная юбка

To complete the look, it is recommended to choose the appropriate accessories: a fashionable tote handbag or a small suitcase.

 How to wear maxi skirts: stylists’ advice

  • To hide extra centimeters, you need to choose a style with a minimum number of folds. A pleated skirt, for example, will help hide the stomach, but if the hips are too wide, the style can emphasize this flaw. It is best to hide the belly with a skirt with a drapery, A-shaped skirt, a pencil skirt, or a skirt with a wrap. Read about the skirts to hide your belly in our recent publication.
плиссированные юбки 2020
Sfilata Luisa Spagnoli Milano
длинная юбка наряд
  • The voluminous top looks good with narrow skirts, if the skirt is full, then choose a tight-fitting top.
Crop Top with maxi skirt outfit
  • If you are not tall, you shouldn’t choose a long skirt with a horizontal pattern.
  • The skirt shouldn’t reach the floor by 1-2 cm.
  • If you want to increase your height visually, wear a maxi skirt with a yoke or high waist.
макси юбка с кокеткой
Lena Hoschek Berlin Frühjahr Sommer

Do you already know which models of long skirts are relevant in 2022? Read about it on our website.

And in this review we will tell you what colors of long skirts of 2022 are the most fashionable and how to combine them with other items of clothing according to the color.

What Shoes to Wear with Maxi Skirts?

The final piece of clothing to decide are the shoes. Shoes might seem to be less relevant but they play a great role in your outfits.

Maxi skirts can be worn with heeled shoes and flat boots, but the length of the bottom in each case should be different. Read more information about long skirts and boots outfits.

длинная юбка


Sneakers are always the ones to go. They are elegant, comfortable, and casual yet formal. Look at sneakers with maxi skirt outfits on a new page.

wear maxi skirt with sneakers

• Heels

What better could be than heels to show what a Queen you are? Heels are no longer formal shoes. They can be used on any occasion.

fashionable skirts 2020
Alexis Mabille Prêt-À-Porter Printemps-Été

Fashionable colors of long skirts, which top to combine them with

Classic colors


You should remember that too much black makes the image gloomy. Versatile black goes well with clothes of almost any color, and the formula «white top, black bottom» is still suitable for official events.

maxi skirt 2020 trend


A long white skirt is a bold but very impressive solution. It is embodied mainly in summer and elegant ensembles.

long skirts 2020

The white color also goes well with different colors, but it looks especially impressive with bright shades. Therefore, combinations with emerald, raspberry, lemon, turquoise will be appropriate and harmonious.

Bright colors


A red maxi skirt will undoubtedly make its owner the center of attention. For solemn moments, a skirt of a heavy shade of velvet or silk is suitable. Dimmed matte red can be an element of an office suite.

And light long stylish skirts in a red palette are a great model for the summer.

long dress 2020
Brandon Maxwell


All shades of blue are in fashion, from the turquoise of the heavens to very dark.

Blue is not a neutral color, but many combinations are possible both with muted tones and with bright colors.

long skirts 2020
Giorgio Armani


Deep colors come to the foreground in the new season. In addition to combinations with black and white, other bright colors will be appropriate – purple, yellow, red, pink.

Skirts with metallic effects are popular in the world of fashion as well as in everyday life.

fashionable skirts 2020
Ralph Lauren
fashion long skirts 2020
Emporio Armani

Muted shades

Muted pastel shades give special tenderness and romance to a look with a long skirt. Creamy, coffee with milk, delicate terracotta look especially harmonious in ruffles and frills.

From the variety of colors in the new fashion season, designers recommend paying attention to brown, beige, gray. For the summer, orange, pink, muted green, as well as wine shades, are relevant.

maxi skirts 2020
Christian Dior Spring

If you want to read more tips and see the most fashionable images with a long skirt, see the publication of the authoritative stylists of our site.

In the end, we can say that maxi skirts are a great outfit to wear but to look fabulous in them, make sure you go with the flow.

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