dress with sneakers

Is it possible to wear a long dress with sneakers?

In one word – yes!

But there’s a list of certain rules every girl must know.

It all started in 2014 at the Chanel show when Karl Lagerfeld’s models demonstrated light gowns and sports shoes on the catwalks. Since then, the number of possible convenient combinations has increased several dozen times. Nowadays a mix of dress and training shoes applies not only to the lovers of sport and casual style but also to serious business-ladies and middle-aged women.

Dresses with sneakers

Today you will get to know the most successful combinations. If you bring them to life, you can walk for a long time without stopping. And your legs will be extremely grateful!

Long dress and sneakers

«Maxi» is tricky because it can visually reduce your height and length of your legs. That doesn’t matter for slim women but it can be a problem for short and plump ones.

Fashionable midi

The «midi» length is more versatile and allows you to experiment with shoes. Espadrilles with lacing made from natural materials are suitable for summer walks. Choose models with a «woven» sole – the trend for weaving and natural materials has been fashionable for several years.

long dress with sneakers espadrilles

Follow this rule: if the length of the dress is down the ankle, then wear compact shoes. For example, sneakers or tennis sneakers will suit. Big trainers will complete above the ankle outfits and midi dress.

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sneakers and dress

How to choose sneakers for a long or midi dress? What sneakers go with long dresses?

Neat vans with a long or midi dress from the very beginning have become very fashionable and recognized combinations. Your vans can be white, black and blue – conservative and modest. However, many women still adhere to this profitable easy interpretation.

What about more loose sports shoes? Which trainers are the best to wear with a long dress?

For several seasons such tendency as «ugly sneakers» has been very popular – sloppy massive sneakers with thick soles and an abundance of decorative elements.

ugly sneakers with dress

Now this trend modified. You can often see celebrities wearing so-called «Dad sneakers». It’s a more original and loose model with an unusual sole.

If you have a stylish pair of shoes with such original details as short wool, fur, another catchy décor as well as an original silhouette, then chose the simplest outfit to draw all the attention to your footwear.

длинное платье с кроссовками

If you can’t fully accept the new trends, then you should know that modern fashion allows wearing both frilly and more elegant variations of sneakers with a long dress of any style.

Sneakers with long dresses: how to combine them differently

Sport style

Sport gowns look best with massive «ugly sneakers». Combine them with high sport socks, waist bags or other trendy bags.

long dress with sneakers


Bohemian or “boho” style is a feminine style, an abundance of lace, frills, fringe, embroidery and floral designs. The difference from romantic style is a bias towards naturalness and easy negligence. Combine boho outfits with neat trainers of beige, white or brown color. – Medium length socks made of organza or cotton can become an unusual accessory for a fashionable outfit.

Dress with sneakers


This is a combination of delicate decor and feminine fitted styles. Follow these rules while creating your outfit: the abundance of decor in clothes is combined with simple, minimalist shoes. Massive kicks with loose elements of décor and color contrasts go with a plain dress of simple cut. Models of Louis Vuitton «Archlight» and Balenciaga «TripleS» are especially popular.

sneakers with dresses
dress with sneakers outfit


The main principle of casual style is a convenience for everyday life. Simple cut and comfortable fabric allow moving actively in the city. While creating a harmonic outfit, focus on the color grade of your look. Maxi dresses look equally good with plain summer trainers and «ugly sneakers» with thick bottoms.

sneakers with dresses

Long dresses with sneakers: photos of stylish outfits


Monochrome is one of the fashionable trends of 2020-2021. Monochrome clothes make you look visually slimmer and stretch your silhouette. «Total beige look» is stylish – the outfit in the same beige color scale. It is suitable for office, business meetings and official events.

sneakers with dress

For classic tones (beige, black, white, gray), choose shoes in white. The simpler the silhouette, the more unusual the trainers can be. The duo chrome where only two colors are combined is also relevant. In this case you should choose shoes to match the color of the bag or item of clothing.

dress with sneakers outfit

Monochrome outfits shouldn’t be regarded as the only right decision. Many fashion women are keen on full contrast in this look. You can see some contrasting duets below.


A universal solution – white sneakers or neat sneakers on a small sole. This color is refreshing and fits the outfit of any color range.

sneakers with dresses

The second trick – a bright color accent. Choose the color of your footwear according to the color of your accessories (a trendy bag, a belt and etc.) or to the element of the print. Read more tips about what sneakers to choose for the dress with a fashionable print at the end of the article.

sneakers with dresses

Adidas “Gazelle” and Vans “Old Skool” models are available in a wide range of colors.

What long dress looks best with sneakers?


Black color lets the imagination run wild. Lovers of classic combinations will enjoy the ensemble of black and white. It can be leveraged with unusual accessories. For example, bright contrasting socks with snow-white sneakers.

black dress with socks with white sneakers.

Learn more about secrets and taboos about stylish combinations of black dress and sneakers in a separate article.

black dress with sneakers


White color can also be complemented by any shade. Classical combinations with white color can be appropriate as well as bold decisions. An ensemble can become less strict with the help of trainers with bright inserts.

sneakers with dress


The red dress looks spectacular with white shoes. In 2020-2021 women of fashion prefer white sneakers with signature red or green décor. Gray gym shoes will also fit.

 red dress with white sneakers


Long dresses of gently pink color can be combined with ugly sneakers with bright décor or simple white ones. Massive sneakers will leverage a «doll-like» look and make it look more modern. Choose white or gray shades with colored laces and accents.

long dress and sneakers


As a rule, chiffon is used when sewing fashionable maxi dresses in a romantic style. LA light flowing outfit can be complemented with both miniature tennis sneakers and “dad sneakers” which will create an interesting contrast of volumes. Despite the lightness and translucency of the fabric, you can combine the long and midi dress with sports shoes.

long chiffon dress with sneakers
midi dress with sneakers


Light dresses and sundresses can be combined with any type of sneakers. For hot weather, choose natural fabrics, mesh or perforation.

dresses with sneakers

Denim dress with sneakers outfit

Denim is best combined with white, brown, and beige shoes. Leather and suede sneakers look particularly impressive.

maxi denim dress with sneakers
maxi denim dress and sneakers

Tight dress

Warm long tight dresses can be worn with short tennis sneakers or ordinary trainers, as well as with classic leather models. The image will be perfectly complemented with the leather jacket.

Tight dress with sneakers

Shirt dress

Combine them with shoes made of natural fabrics. For example, with sneakers from gray, white, beige canvas.

sneakers with shirt dress

How to wear sneakers with a maxi dress with prints?

The most correct way to choose a pair of shoes to your favorite (and very fashionable) dress with a print is to choose shoes of the same color that a dress print.

Flower print

How to find the perfect pair of shoes for your favorite floral print dress? Just choose one of the print colors and solid sneakers of the same shade.

sneakers with a dress with prints
midi dress with sneakers

The second correct way is to choose universal white sneakers.

sneakers with floral dress


As in the case of other prints, the color of the sneakers (or their individual decorative elements) can repeat one of the shades of your clothes. Otherwise, choose white monochrome shoes

striped dress with sneakers
striped dress with sneakers

Read about the important peculiarities of the striped dress in the recent publication of the author.

Leopard print

In 2019, the relevant leopard print can be combined with massive sneakers of any color. Shoes in white and red colors look more advantageous. For example, Adidas «Yung 1» model.

 leopard dress with leopard dress

Polka dot dress

A versatile option – white shoes that can be combined with a romantic or oversized dress, such as a dress with ruffles and frilling as in the photo. You can also pick up sneakers to match clothes or bags. An alternative option – to choose a shade similar to the color of the background or dots, according to the coloristic rules.

polka dots dress with white sneakers

Dresses with sneakers for plump women

If you have excess weight, it would be not tight but loose or slightly fitted midi length dresses. Discard massive shoes, as they visually make the legs shorter and ankles larger. Light vans or short sneakers with low soles will be suitable.

long dress and sneakers

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After 40

In adulthood preference should be given to classic styles and noble materials. If you have problems with shoulders and décolleté, give preferences to models with a higher neckline and long sleeves to accentuate waist and calves.

sneakers and long dress

Sneakers on a large sole will help make a fashionable image more relevant and modern.

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