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If you decide to diversify your style and get away from strict classics, then you will get blue shoes. Unusual shoe color can freshen a dull look and cheer up in one second. Do you worry that it will be necessary to change the entire wardrobe so that it harmonizes with the new shoes? Do not despair! We will help you find out in your clothes outfits that perfectly look with a blue trend and look stylish!

blue shoes with dress

Blue shoes for women’s: with what to wear

The color novelty of the season has gained popularity among fashionable townspeople. The blue shoes are not as daring and catchy as the red ones. On the other hand, they are much more interesting than the usual ones. To begin with, we define colors that blend perfectly with blue.

What clothes color fit to women’s blue shoes?

White. Classical white color is relevant in the summer (and not only). You can afford to be brighter in the season of flowering nature. For any white clothes boldly wear blue shoes. Blue shoes with high heels perfectly fit for the classic image, and for free sundresses, put on blue flat shoes. But white color can make you a little fuller visually. You do not need it? Then wear heels. But to form a complete image you can add perfect pick jewelry, belt or other accessories in shades of blue.

blue shoes white dress

Black. Boredom will go away, if you put on blue shoes with exquisite black clothes. You will turn into a trendy, refined lady, adding this little accent. Black elegant clothes are in the wardrobe of any girl. But not everyone knows how to make an outfit more interesting. One of the easiest ways: put on contrasting shoes.

blue shoes women

Khaki. Soft muted natural tones will not constitute disharmony with bright blue. Sand, smoky green, clay, ashy are especially good in such a combination. They create a noticeable but not screaming contrast, which pleases the eye.

blue shoes women

Beige. If your new shoes are so good that you want to focus on them, then combine shoes with nude shades. Against the background of neutral naturalness, the shoes will become a bright accent. And the overall ensemble “smells” of impeccable taste!

Blue. The times of the reign of monochromatic kits have already passed. Therefore, a modern woman knows that you need to choose shoes a little lighter or darker dresses. And in the rest, the abundance of blue is just a plus! Forms a “serious”, memorable image, which will cause only admiration.

blue shoes blue dress

Yellow. The blue color slightly “cools” the warm sunny shades. The lighter shades of blue are ideal. This ensemble looks especially beautiful in the spring.

blue shoes yellow dress

Red. If you want to look like a TV star, you can afford a more bold outfit: a red dress and dark blue shoes. Photos of such images we often see on the podiums and festive events. Probably, too bright red will be too much, but a little muffled – just right. Especially since the red color is fashionable this season too!

blue shoes heels

Aquamarine and green. Shades of a sea wave, undoubtedly, the excellent company to a trendy footwear. This colors will look good on both the modest ladies and the fashionista. You may be choose soft green color. In this combination there is a special charm and femininity.
blue shoes women

Gray. For trendy outfits in metallic colors pick up the lighter blue shoes. Look at the stylish image with a gray cardigan and bright shoes.

blue shoes women

Continuing the list of colors that blend well with blue, let’s note a few more:

– a gentle spring pink tree;

– bright orange or coral.

Designers are not afraid to combine both these colors with blue. Look at this photo!

blue shoes heels with orange and pink

With what to wear blue shoes?

To concertize possible stylish images, we will carry out further revision of your wardrobe.

Flower prints. We do not doubt that you have several floral outfits. Here to them and wear blue shoes heels. And it does not have to be a fashion long skirt or dress. Blouses, pencil skirt or jackets can form new business image. If you do not have a very strict dress code at work.

how to wear blue shoes women

Combine the blue shoes with other prints in the same shades.

blue shoes with dress

The strip or polka dots. Naturally, the blue color reminds of the sea. And the fashionable seaman strip will not remain in the chest of drawers. Clothes with vertical, horizontal, diagonal paths perfectly complement the shoes of blue. It may be stylish striped dress or sea t-shirt.

Trendy polka dots fit very well with blue shoes.

blue shoes with jeans

Blue shoes with jeans. Here you will definitely not lose! Any clothes made of denim (jeans, jacket, shirt, dress, overalls) are perfect. So if you have doubted the practicality of blue shoes up to this point, now your doubts will instantly dissipate!

blue shoes with jeans

blue shoes with jeans

Lace dress. As experts of the site have already written, lace is in the trend. It does not give up the leader’s position. If you have a gentle translucent lace dress of white, blue, blue, black, red, beige, then you will not have a question with what to wear blue shoes with heels.

blue shoes lace dress

The blue jacket. Get a blue raincoat or a classic jacket of the same color, and blue shoes you can wear almost daily!

Evening Dress. For festive occasions, you just need to add a few bright accents. A creamy, dark red, blue, white yellow long dress with deep blue shoes will look delicious!

blue shoes yellow dress

Now you are convinced how universal can be blue shoes? With what to wear them is now understandable. But the authoritative stylists of the site wish to give you some more valuable advice.

blue shoes women

How to wear blue shoes: women’s valuable tips

– Blue flat shoes for some women are much more comfortable than shoes with heels. But keep in mind that you can not wear them on a business meeting. Unless you choose a deep, intelligent sapphire shade.

– If you are a brave and fashionable bride, you can wear blue shoes with wedding dress.

blue shoes with wedding dress

– Buy a shirt of the same color as the shoes. The complement to the ensemble can be a skirt or trousers of almost any color.

how to wear blue shoes women

blue shoes with skirts

– Blue patent leather shoes to combine with lacquer belt or clutch bag.

– Blue shoes for women – this is a fairly bright detail of the image. Therefore, choose clothes without generous decor and shiny sequins.