how to wear long skirts in winter

Do you ever stay clueless in front of your closet, wondering how to wear your long skirts in winter while it’s freezing outside? Well, it happens most of the time…!

Long skirts are always in fashion in every season, whether it’s winter or summer. These pieces of clothing are your go-to choice whether you’re going to an office dinner or a family gathering, or a girls’ night out. It’s always a good idea to accessorize your maxi skirt with some blingy statement pieces to elevate your whole outfit.

how to wear long skirts in winter

Today, we’ll walk you through different stylish ways to wear your long skirts in winter. Without further ado, let’s dive in!  

how to wear long skirts in winter

Different Tops to Style with Long Skirt in Winter

Warm Sweater and Maxi Skirt

This white sweater is our favorite staple that goes with every color of the skirt. This plain light top allows your printed maxi skirt to stand out. Team your look with some statement jewelry and a stylish bag.

long skirts in winter

Teaming your white top and printed bottom with high boots completes your winter look.

If you add on a pair of statement shades, then you’re going to slay the day – smart, chic & warm!

High Neck Knit and Split Long Skirt

There are fashion skirts in all types of shapes and cuts, but a split skirt is the Queen of all! Split long skirts are always in trend, and pairing them up in winter is so fun because you can style them with sweaters, tees, or even oversized knits.

how to wear long skirts in winter

Here, we have dark and bold colors that are just perfect for colder days. The most beautiful and flashy combination is to pair this split skirt with a high black neck knit. To make it well-cut, it is ideal to tuck your top in and accessorize with a waist belt. If you want to be a bit more comfortable when it comes to footwear, always go with black ankle boots.

Black Top and Coat with Pleated Skirt

Another great skirt is the pleated one. If you want to look glamorous while walking down the street, this look is undoubtedly for you! You can wear this pleated skirt with a crop top, sweater, or your favorite blouse.

how to wear long skirts in winter

This black textured knit looks incredibly awesome with this shimmery metallic skirt. To prevent the freezing weather, a tailored black coat is perfect to have with this look.

Long Skirts and Jackets

Stylish jackets are always a favorite detail of clothing for all elegant ladies.

how to wear long skirts in winter
Carolina Herrera Fall-Winter 2020-2021

Why is denim jacket always in fashion? It’s versatile, easy to style, and incredibly comfortable. This look is effortless and classy.

long skirts in winter

You can pair a plain top up with this feminine fashion pleated skirt in bright metallic color and put your leather jacket on effortlessly. To enhance the look, add a statement jewelry piece. To exhibit your comfy vibes, put on any affordable sneakers, boots, or espadrilles here. 

how to wear long skirts in winter

What shoes go with your Maxi Skirt in Winter?


Knee High Boots

Knee-high boots are best to wear with long skirts in winter, especially with a split one (of course, you don’t want to hide your boots). Try wearing these boots with printed or patterned skirts.

long skirts in winter

Heeled Boots

The best compliment to your maxi skirt is heeled boots. This conventional yet contemporary khaki skirt looks perfectly chic with these black heeled boots. Heeled boots add more femininity to your whole outfit.

how to wear long skirts in winter

Flat Boots

Flat boots are for the ones who look for both comfort and style. Here, the black leather boots complement your animal printed maxi skirt amazingly.

how to wear long skirts in winter

You can view stylish long skirts outfits with boots now.

Chic Heels

You can absolutely pair your maxi skirt with heels, and yes, you must make sure you don’t cover up your heels, right!

Wear opaque thick tights for chilly weather.

how to wear long skirts in winter


Sneakers or Running Shoes

Sneakers and any outfit – a perfect match. Sneakers are versatile to pair up with any outfit. And pairing your maxi skirt with sneakers is heavenly comfortable and stylish.

how to wear long skirts in winter

Stylish winter outfits with midi and mini skirts you will find on our site.

Final Thoughts

These are the simple ways to style your long skirts in winter. Sometimes, it becomes a little tedious to decide what shoes to wear with a long skirt or what tops you should wear in the winter. Don’t stress yourself! We’ve guided you through some classic long skirts winter outfits; the rest is up to you!    

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