how to wear loose pants

Women’s fashion loose pants are a hot trend in 2022 and one we can get behind. The loose pants are an insanely comfortable trend and a fantastic alternative to leggings or sweatpants when you want to be comfortable but still look fashionable.

women's loose pants

The best part about the women’s loose pants trend is the ability to transform the outfit from slouchy and comfy to polished and presentable.
We will go through a comprehensive list on how to wear loose pants, what to wear them with, and ultimately, how to pull off this comfy trend.

Types of Women’s Loose Pants

First things first, there are a few different types of loose pants you can opt for to own this trend, let’s take a look at some of the options.


Culottes are cropped trousers that have large, billowy pant legs that almost resemble a skirt when you stand with your legs together, you can see our complete guide to wearing culottes.

loose pants
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Wide Leg Jeans

Wide leg jeans are re-emerging in fashion in 2022. Originally this style of jeans gained popularity in the early 1990s to mid 2000s. You can see our full guide to wearing and styling wide leg jeans here.

What Shoes to Wear with Wide Leg Jeans
loose jeans

Harem Pants

Harem pants are tulip-shaped trousers, often made with lighter weight fabrics making them especially breezy and movable. These pants are ultra-comfortable and great for a day on the go or just lounging around.

loose pants

Palazzo pants

Palazzo trousers are flared from the hip, high-waisted, and wide leg pants. The trousers can visually resemble a maxi skirt. Wide palazzo pants are more often positioned as summer trousers. Light flowing fabrics are more suitable for this model. Palazzo can be designed not only for the warm season, for the cool weather they are sewn from fine wool and synthetic fabrics.

Women's loose pants style

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How to Wear and Style Loose Pants

We will go through how to style baggy pants for a casual day as well as how to style them in a business-friendly way.
Here are some top tips to keep in mind while styling loose pants:
● Keep the balance – balance your silhouette and don’t overwhelm your shape with too much baggy fabric.

how to wear loose pants

● Check your fabrics – although we can dress up loose pants for more formal or business settings, be mindful of the fabric of your wide leg pants as some fabrics appear more casual than others.

loose pants

● Tuck in your top – generally, with loose-fitting pants, you want to tuck in your shirt to accentuate your waist to avoid looking larger than you are.

how to wear loose pants

● Try a belt – if after you tuck in your shirt, you still feel like you need to accentuate your waist further, try adding a belt for more emphasis.

loose pants with belt

A Simple Tee

There’s nothing like the classics. A tucked-in tee paired with your loose pants is the perfect comfy, low-maintenance look without looking frumpy. It’s functional and comfortable but still looks way more put together than your leggings or sweatpants.

how to wear loose pants

A Tank Bodysuit and a Blazer

This is a stunning, minimalist, business casual look for women. A pair of loose trousers, a fitted bodysuit and boyfriend-fit blazer is the PERFECT trio to look like an effortless girlboss.

how tp wear women's loose pants

A Fitted Crop Top

As mentioned in our quick tips for styling women’s loose pants, balance is key. Having a fitted crop top will balance nicely with the baggy pants, and the cropped nature of the top will accentuate your waist. It really doesn’t matter what sleeve length or style you opt for, a fitted crop top will always look amazing with loose trousers.

Front-Tucked Sweater

For cooler weather, a sweater may be your best option. When pairing a baggy sweater with loose pants, it’s important to remember to tuck in the front of your sweater, like in the photo above. Adding a belt may also be an excellent option for extra cinching at the waist. This is an adorable outfit idea, but bigger girls beware, this outfit may not be as flattering. Try a lighter fabric for your sweater to reduce bulk for a slimmer look.

how to wear loose pants

Ultra Crop with a Flannel Shirt

The ultimate sporty and comfy combo is an ultra crop (or a sports bra) paired with high waisted loose pants and an oversized flannel shirt. This look is the definition of cozy and still cute.

how to wear loose pants

A Button Down

This look will take you from casual Friday at work to Friday Night Drinks. Partially tuck a classic button-down into a pair of cropped loose pants, wear with flats or sandals for daytime and add more jewelry and a cute pair of heels and a clutch for the evening for the perfect nighttime look.

how to wear loose pants

Can You Wear Loose Pants if You’re Plus Size

Many women fear loose clothing, especially loose pants if they are plus size. Often women believe loose trousers will make them look larger and look unflattering on their body. However, you can absolutely wear loose pants if you’re plus size, in fact, they can be very flattering on plus size women. With the proper styling, wide leg pants will enhance and flatter curves instead of making you look bigger.

How to wear loose pants if you are a curvy girl?

plus size loose pants

If you’re still unsure, stick to darker shades like black, charcoal grey, dark brown, or navy, these shades tend to be more slimming. We also have an entire section on our website dedicated to plus size style – so take our word for it.

how to wear loose pants

Add a flattering top for plus size figure – tuck in your shirt or criss-cross top.

wear plus size loose pants

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How to Choose and Style Loose Pants if You’re Plus Size

Plus size women can still wear loose pants, a great option for loose trousers are high-waisted pleated trousers with a belt.

loose pants plus size

A high waisted pleated trouser with a belt not only works for the office but also a night out.
These trousers also look amazing on plus size women. The belt cinches in the waist at the smallest part to get an hourglass look, while the wide pleated pants are flattering as the lines of the pleats create an illusion and allow for a slimmer look.

loose pants plus size

Can You Wear Loose Pants if You’re Petite

Petite women tend to look great in clothes. However, finding pants that properly fit can be a challenge. Some petite women may feel worried about finding wide leg pants that fit them in a flattering way, without the pant legs being too long or too wide and visually consuming them.

how to wear loose pants

However, this does not mean you can’t wear loose pants. It simply means you need to find the proper cut and style for you, or perhaps finding brands that carry petite sizes. A general recommendation for choosing loose pants for petite women is choosing a high waisted, cropped pant to create the illusion of longer legs.

how to wear loose pants

How to Wear Loose Pants if You’re Petite

Try choosing a pair of loose pants that have a seam or pleat down the font, center of the leg.

This detail may seem insignificant, but visually this line will give the illusion of longer legs. This is also a very small but intricate detail that adds some depth to the trousers. A pair of trousers like this pair perfectly with a pointed toe heel.

What Shoes To Wear With Loose Pants

For a more casual look…

● Flat sandals

Flat sandals are a nice contrast to women’s loose pants and are perfect for a daytime casual look.

loose pants with sandals

● Mules

This may be in the casual section but a cute pair of mules look great with women’s loose pants for both casual or dressier events.

What Shoes To Wear With Loose Pants

● Sneakers

Tried and true, in 2022 you can pair pretty much any outfit with sneakers, women’s loose pants are not an exception.

how to wear loose pants

● Chelsea boots

These flat boots are a wardrobe staple, they can be casual but also can be worn with a blazer and look classy business casual.

For a more dressy look…

● Pointed toe

Whether they are heels or flats, nothing adds class to an outfit like a pointed toe shoe.

how to wear loose pants

● Strappy Heels

A strappy heel is a nice delicate shoe, perfect for an evening out, also consider accessorizing with a clutch for a fancier evening event.

how to wear loose pants

● High-Heel Booties

You want to avoid chunky boots with wide pants, however, a classic and simple pair of heeled booties are the perfect option for dressing up women’s loose pants in cool weather.

how to wear loose pants

● Wedges

Wedges are a super cute option for dressing up in the summertime. Paired with a pair of culottes in a light-weight fabric this look can go from day to night.
Do you know all secrets of how to wear loose pants now?

When it comes down to it, women of all shapes and sizes can take part in the fashion trend of women’s loose pants with a bit of styling and direction. With these tips and styling inspiration, you can finally jump on board with this 2022 fashion trend and start wearing loose pants.

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