Anti-Trends 2021

We’re not presenting this is spook anyone into an undying loyalty to our particular choices in style, but also we don’t wish to see anyone go down the wrong path, so to speak, from our personal perspective.

What things were called anti-trends 2021?

If you’re confident that you know what to avoid already, then that’s fair enough, and we wish you the best. However, if you think you could use some forewarning or additional advice, we’re here for you.

anti-trends 2021 fashion

These are the worst Anti-Trends 2021, the most poisonous hemlock to one’s wardrobe, that we could come up with. Bear in mind, not everyone will agree with our perspective here, which is exactly why it’s valuable. These so-called “trends” have been reported even in a few reputable publications. We’re here to tell you, that in our humble opinion, your money is best spent elsewhere. Rather than risk your image, avoid these options and save yourself both the risk and potential headache.

Anti-Trend Number One: House Slippers in Public

Anti-Trends 2021

We’re unsure if this is literally some kind of joke, but it’s been reported that house slippers will soon find their way out of the bedroom and bathroom and onto the public streets. This barely warrants an argument. Let’s assume you’re not attempting to go for a professional look. Would you not still be better off in a pair of Nike or comfortable espadrilles if you’re going for comfort? People might literally start to question your mental health or ask if you’re attempting to perform a live reenactment of the Bill Murray classic, Groundhog Day.

anti-trends 2021

Anti-Trend Number Two: Your Boyfriend’s Suit Jacket

No, we’re not saying your boyfriend should wear a camisole to work instead. TheTrendSpotter recently spied what it termed an “ultra-modern” and “80s-inspired” style of women who don their boyfriends’ oversized business jackets as a fashion statement. Okay, this one we kind of can understand. It does have an almost alternative, pop-punk reminiscent feel to it and might emit some feminist tone of allegiance.

However, let’s just ask ourselves, “Is it really worth it?” The pop-punk aesthetic has nostalgic associations of an inebriated night out on the town, and if that’s the case, why are you wearing it in broad daylight, on your way to the grocery store or to have your taxes filed? It just looks awkward as an everyday wardrobe choice, and it’s one of those instances where maybe the visual rebellion trades off with being a reasonable person.

antitrends 2021

Anti-Trend Number Three: Surgical Masks

Of course everyone should wear a mask until it’s safe to go without, but if you’re still using those blue-white standard surgical masks at this point, we’re officially willing to feel bad for you. The civil authorities will eventually remove mask mandates, but until then it’s up to us to make the best of circumstances. At the very least we would advise fashion conscious individuals to invest in a black mask, if not a custom printed design. Stay safe, everyone, but do it in style.

Anti-Trend Number Four: Embellished Jackets

Whether it’s sequins or an array of patches, we just find this style to be totally kitsch and unpalatable. The worst of it is that not only does it tend to look cheap, but it’s also the opposite of a timeless wardrobe piece. For the sake of your wallet and sanity, go with a little black dress or modern crop top instead. It might feel like a dull alternative, but in actuality, in wearing one you’re going to express something about your personality to the world in an understated and refined way. “My personality speaks for itself. Also, I look totally incredible in this—and I know it.”

Anti Trends 2021

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