Sleep to Lose Weight

You can do many things to increase your fat loss while you are sleeping. According to a study, the person who sleeps well for 8 to 10 hours at night has more fat loss than the person who sleeps just for 5 to 6. What is the reason behind this? and how can we maximize our fat loss during and before sleep?

How do you burn fat while sleeping?

Eating Before Sleep to Loss Weight

Firstly, finish your meal before 2 to 3 hours earlier before you go to bed. Basically when glucose is present in our bloodstreams fat loss is not possible. When there is glucose present in our bloodstreams and we are sleeping our body starts repairing our damaged body. If we have taken a meal just before our sleep, there must be glucose present in our bloodstreams. The energy required by the body to repair the damaged muscles are taken by that glucose present in our bloodstreams.

In this case, there will be NO FAT LOSS.

If we finish our meal 2 to 3 hours there will be no glucose in the bloodstreams. Now in this case the body will take energy from our stored fat and this is how you will lose weight.

Sleep to Lose Weight

Proper Sleep

Why are 8 to 9 hours of sleep important in fat loss?

Our body releases different types of hormones when we are sleeping which is responsible for our fat burn and weight gain.

Whenever we sleep properly our body releases the growth hormone which helps our body to grow and it also helps to burn excess fat. On the other hand, if we don’t take proper sleep our body releases a hormone known as cortisol. Now cortisol is a stress hormone. It disturbs our metabolism and causes the body to gain weight.

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to lose belly fat


As we all know overeating causes weight gain. So why does our body overeat?

If we do not take proper sleep our body releases the hormone known as Ghrelin. Ghrelin Hormone is also known as the hunger hormone. Now if we do it not sleep properly ghrelin hormone in our body increases due to which we feel more hungry and do overeating.

Sleep to Lose Weight

Leptin, on the other hand, is the Hormone which gives the nervous system signal to stop eating when required. If we do is also the cause of overeating and weight gain.


IF you take proper sleep all damaged muscles will be repaired and the next morning you will feel fresh your energy levels will be high and by using that energy you will burn more fat.

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before bed to lose weight

What should I do before bed to lose weight?

Avoid taking supplements as a fat burner. They will give you the result in the short term but not long term.

If you want results, you can take only protein which will help you to repair damaged cells. The reason why you can take protein supplements is that they don’t have any side effects.

Remember weight loss is a long term process you have to be consistent.

You must have the correct knowledge of weight loss.

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