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If you’ve fallen into a weight loss trick or gimmick in the past don’t give yourself a hard time. Most people have at one point or another have been there. Now, although your intentions were pure at this point maybe you’re feeling a little bit restless and don’t know who or what to believe when it comes to properly lose weight. You can at least avoid these 9 very common weight loss mistakes. There are few points which you can focus your attention on.

Following a diet

Let’s talk about distinguishing between a diet and a lifestyle. A diet is something that we do for a short-term gain, whereas a lifestyle is something that you can do for the rest of your life, and that’s where you should focus your attention. But if you try to lose 5 kilos in one week, you might be able to do this but not for a long time. People who follow strict diets often lose weight, but then get the extra kilos back. But you have probably heard about this, so you may ask yourself a question “Why do I keep jumping from one diet to another or keep trying the same diet over and over again if I’m don’t see any results?” If there was a diet out there that really truly worked we would have all already known about it by now and we would all be skinny. So, stick to proper nutrition because that is one truly working option.

8 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes

Short term gains

Now everything that promises instant results is a gimmick. This can be a diet. This can also be shakes, bars, pills, light therapy, laser therapy – the list goes on. This way you can save your money and instead of spending your time you can focus on long-term gains. Changes that you can make slowly and strategically to get to the results that you are hoping for.

Why aren't you losing weight?

Restricting calories

Restricting calories puts our bodies into a state of “Ketosis”.This is why those Paleo diets and those ketogenic diets are all so popular right now. Ketosis suppresses the appetite, which means eating less, fewer calories, calorie restriction, weight loss ensues… And we’re seeing lots of people with these before-and-after pictures. Two months later, six months later. But what you don’t see is how these people look two or four years ago or six years later. Calorie restriction is not sustainable in the long term. The problem here is that calorie restriction slows the metabolism. So your attempts at wanting to lose weight in the future, after calorie restriction is over, tend to be slower or impeded. Research has shown that even long after calorie restriction is over, people who eat in this way tend to have a very unhealthy relationship with food. So again, we want to focus not on the calories restriction, but rather healthy lifestyle changes.

Skipping breakfast

Time and time again research shows us that people who have breakfast tend to have lower weight and are better able to maintain weight loss than those who don’t. Skipping breakfast may seem like a really easy way to cut calories.  But what ends up happening is unplanned snacking and overeating later on in the day. So most certainly have some breakfast and try to include more fiber in your breakfast. Things like whole grains, fruits, nuts, and seeds help keep you full for the entire morning.

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Losing track of snacks

Now mindless munching can add weight. It’s not about skipping snacks. You just have to have some planned snacks. Now, some people can not snack at all and they do just fine. But if your body says that you’re somebody who needs a snack, then do, please, have some snacks! Just plan for them. By planning your snacks and not depriving yourself you’ll be better able to control your hunger and lose weight. This is also especially important if you’re going to have from six to eight hours between meals. Snacking helps to keep the metabolism in high gear. Try some fruit, some homemade oat bars or a small handful of nuts or seeds.

Sipping calories

For some people this is the silent culprit. Drinking smoothies and having occasional juices is OK, but not excess juices, sodas, alcoholic beverages, or those special coffees. Do you know that the ones like Starbucks may have 500 calories per cup! That’s a whole meal in a cup! So stay hydrated. Just sip smart.

Drinking too little water

Currently some people do not realize this, but water is truly necessary because it involves melting calories. When you’re dehydrated, your metabolic process becomes slower, which means slower fat burning. Try sticking to the habit of having a water bottle with you all the time, or maybe additionally entering the practice of having a glass of either water or tea at every meal as well as snack time. Learn 3 simple drinks for weight loss on our site.

Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes

Eating out of home

Drive-through and cafeterias add tons of oil to their food to keep you coming back because of the flavor that it might add. Of course this is going to be a great higher number of calories than if you simply stay home and cook the food by yourself. So dine in a restaurant on unique occasions, or as a treat, but not as a routine. Also you can try yoga practice rather than preparing food. In this way you’re most likely to be spending much less time in the kitchen. Besides it’s going to help you with your weight-loss aims. And also, it’ll economize you some money.

Worst Weight Loss Mistakes

Concentrating on determination

Currently studies are showing us over and over again that determination is a “depletable” resource. It implies that if you’re most likely to concentrate on the determination to attempt to eat far better or to exercise more, you may find that it’s not going to work. This truly results in cause of irritation in a lot of people and self-blame for not having the ability to stick to something when it’s not your mistake. So what can you do rather? Concentrate on the power of the question “Why?” ask yourself: “Why is it so important to eat better or be extra active?”

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Why aren't you losing weight?

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So those are the 9 most usual fat burning mistakes. That it’s not always the easiest way. Slow and constant often wins the race.

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