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Skater jeans are hitting the trackback this season with the classic and chic ‘90s aura. All you need to have to rock your perfect skate style is that rebellious attitude, along with the spicy style advice from us. Do you know what the most significant attributes of a perfect outfit are?

Comfortable, practical and versatile. And skater jeans are all about style, functionality and comfort, which make them hit the ground running this season. Throw in the fact that looser clothing has started to suit our formal and casual lifestyle due to the pandemic; skater jeans are undoubtedly are a look to try.       

women's skater jeans

What are Skater Jeans?

Skater jeans were initially designed for skateboarders to make skating easier for them. These jeans have become the new favourite go-to choice for women of all ages. Unlike the skinny figure-hugging jeans, these are roomy with an added slouch.

This extra-long denim with zero-stretch has now become the calling card of this generation. These jeans can be loose, slim, sleek, clean or scruffy and can be the dropped crotch.

what are skater jeans

How to Look Feminine in Skater Jeans?

Anyone can pull skater jeans off, starting from slightly loose to pooling pants. To look a bit feminine and sexy in your jeans, you can pair them up with silky blouses, crop tops, fitted blazers, heels with some feminine staples.

Or, if you’re pairing your skater pants with a loose top, a belt can always help balance the bagginess at the bottom.   

how to wear skater jeans

Baggy Skater Jeans

Baggy skater jeans have spacious wide legs and usually hang low on the waist. One of the prime advantages of baggy jeans over slim skater jeans is that they tend to be exceptionally comfortable and much easier to move in.

Baggy skater jeans can be used to rock your casual day at work or any formal night out depends on how you pair them up.

baggy skater jeans

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How to wear Skater Jeans?

Find the best fit for you. Skater jeans tend to be a little baggier, so always find yourself the piece that hugs your waist perfectly. The high-low approach allows you to wear your favourite pair of skater pants from weekend looks to your workwear without looking out of place.

The rips and scuffs are a part of skater style, so you can have patched or ripped baggy jeans paired with some ankle boots, and you’re ready to slay any event.

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Slouched silhouettes usually come to mind whenever you think of skater fashion jeans. You can wear your jeans with some loose tees and tops to fully exhibit the aesthetic ’90s vibes.

How to Style Women’s Skater Jeans if You Are a Plus-Size?

We can all agree that skinny stretchy jeans aren’t that inspiring anymore; vintage, aesthetic skater jean are returned as modern classic denim. If you’re plus size and want to slay the skater look, then you should consider these important factors:

plus size women's skater jeans
  • A chunky and vintage belt gives a more fitted silhouette to your waist and also help you look slim with the sleek look.
how to wear skater jeans
  • Plus-size women can easily tone down a sexy look, wear a teeny tiny crop top with your skater wide leg jeans, and add on your favourite pair of heels.

Women’s Skater Jeans and Sneakers

Sneakers with skater jeans are like the peanut butter and jelly to the outfits, an iconic pair that always complements your overall appearance. Your first thought about sneakers might be that it’s classic, but you can use some inspiration to pull together a denim-and-sneaker getup.

You can boost your confidence by pairing your slouchy skater jeans with a black sneakers and a black top.

skater jeans with sneakers

You head to the beach with a frayed hem and the retro look of Vans, but this look still means business if you top off with a blazer.

Ways to Style Skater Jeans

Not only the skater jeans are comfortable and roomy, but they’re also surprisingly chic and hot when paired with the proper accoutrements. You must consider two main factors before pairing up a skate look:

·       First, get a perfect fit

By perfect fit, I mean you should get yourself the pair of skater jeans that fits perfectly at the waist. Because if it doesn’t fit well, it can fall off and increase the odds of tripping.  

·       Second, get some height

Heels, however small, can give a sleek touch to the whole outfit help keep your extra-long denim from seeming too lax.

Here are all the coolest instances of skaters’ jeans wear so that you’d have unlimited inspo to pull from the next time you get dressed!

women's skater jeans
  1. A crazy statement piece – can add to your whole skater appearance. A statement blazer can give you the red-carpet feel and flicker your look.
  • Mixed up Washes – try switching up the tint of your denim and keep experimenting with the looks.
  • Black skater jeans paired with a denim jacket and white ankle boots will laid-back.
women's skater jeans
  • Staple pieces – piling on some staple pieces with your jeans gleam and enhance your femininity even more.
  • Unbuttoned cardigan – wear your light wash jeans with a barely buttoned cardigan to reflect the ‘90s babies.
skater jeans outffits
  • Basic white tee – high waisted skater jeans with a white fitted crop tee is just a treat for the eyes.
how to wear skater jeans
  • A pair of classic sneakers – will steer the look, especially sharp red-and-white Asics, Puma suedes, or a slip-on Vans.

Skater jeans can exhibit the street style or a spicy hot style depending on how you wear them.

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