как нравиться людям

Some people say that it is impossible to please everyone! They are right. Everyone has the right to his opinion, the perception of the world, his own style of dress. And yet sometimes you just need to make a good opinion of yourself, to become a party star, to win the prestige of potential business partners, to impress in a new team or successfully pass an interview for the desired position. And then you say: I want to please people!

What kind of people attract everyone?

Watch people who are called “the soul of the company.” They are all very different, and at the same time are somewhat similar. Such people do not give up their principles. They do not cunning to please others. They are sincere. It seems that they do nothing to attract attention. They behave naturally!

And vice versa, if in behavior of the person it is possible to see contortion, hypocrisy, flattery, then they repel others from themselves.

Leaders are always self-confident, but respect the opinions of others. They are courteous and polite, but will not allow themselves to be offended. It’s easy to communicate with them!

 to Please People

Definitely, in order to gain popularity in the society, it is necessary to be smart, wise, sociable, stylish, have an excellent taste, become a person. For this you have to work for many years! We are sure that you are like that! You practice self-improvement and are strict towards yourself. But authoritative site psychologists will tell you a few simple ways to please people. They are easy to carry out, and the effect is amazing!

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11 tips of psychologists to attract people to themselves

About how to please a man on the first date, we already wrote on the site. And now we want to determine the most effective ways to attract others, regardless of gender and age. Use these secrets in the complex to achieve maximum effect!

1. Have your own feature. You must have something that differs from others. Maybe it’s a birthmark on your face or an unusual hair color? Maybe this is an original decoration or a bold manicure? But this chip should organically complement your image, and not be a “spot” that you want to erase. It is this feature that will allow you to become memorable and initially attract attention. A bun with a zest is always tastier than the exact same bun, but without raisins.

2. Self-confidence. Behave naturally and calmly, rest assured of your attractiveness and uniqueness. Do not be afraid to express your opinion, but do it with respect. Do not give fear and doubt to ruin your evening, and all your life.

3. Do not humiliate others. Do not be narcissistic and proud. Want to please people – be “comfortable” in communication. Do not let yourself tease people, disrespect them. Try to enter their position and understand. Support the person – and he will want to reveal himself to you and the world around him. For this he will be grateful to you all your life.

 to Please People

4. Purpose and dream. In every person’s life there must be a real dream and a goal to which he aspires. What are your hobbies? Where did you achieve good results? What is your self-improvement? What “boast”? A person without a goal is like a book with empty pages, which is not interesting to flip through. Than you will surprise the interlocutor? For what he will respect you? Than you will surprise?

5. Be a wonderful storyteller. Learn to express your thoughts in an interesting and clear way. But do not forget about the dialogue. A long monophonic monologue, even about the most interesting events, will cause one desire: to turn away from the narrator and sleep. Learn to ask questions, weave them into conversation. Do not repeat a lot of unnecessary, not carrying any information phrases. And yet: laugh the interlocutor! Develop a sense of humor. But do not laugh at the faults of a person or over what might be important to him (religion, his work, his dreams). Be able to joke laconically and on time!

6. Be attentive to people. Do not miss the opportunity to express your admiration for the qualities of a person or his appearance. At every opportunity, congratulate on their personal victories and do not forget about birthdays and holidays. If a person needs support and compassion, then give them this! They will not forget that you were with them on the day of their triumph or sadness. Be able to listen, understand their fears, marvel at their efficiency and ability to create. After all, for all people (as well as for you), it is important to recognize your own worth. Give them this, show your respect and admiration! At the right time for you, they will also support you. Only do everything sincerely, not expecting gratitude for your actions.

7. Call people by name. Psychologists argue that for man there is no more euphonious word than the sound of one’s own name. In conversation, call a person by name to please them.

8. Be optimistic! With whom do you want to communicate more: with a whiner who in a dull voice mumbles something under his nose or with a cheerful person who happily responds to your message? From optimists people are fueled by energy. A dull person on the contrary selects the strength of the interlocutor. People are not interested in listening to constant complaints about life. Everyone is drawn to the positive, like plants to the sun! Be the sun for friends!

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9. Look in the eyes. A direct look in the eyes of the interlocutor indicates honesty, sincerity, interest. Sometimes a confident, warm, direct look in the eye is enough to convince oneself of its integrity and pure intentions. And vice versa: a wandering, hiding sight can mean deception, disregard, insincerity.

look in the eyes

10. Reflect the interlocutor as a mirror. Those who have at least a little knowledge of psychology, know what a “mirror” reception is. To your friend perceived you for his, you need to copy his position of the body and hands. That is, if the person opposite has sat down, having thrown a leg or foot on a leg or foot – reflect its pose, as if in a mirror. Also copy the head tilt and the volume of the voice. Soon the interlocutor will perceive you as a native person.

11. Smile! Reliable and compulsory rule, which works always and everywhere! Signaling of your good intentions, honesty. Show a smile that you are pleased to be in this company and to communicate with this person! A smile does wonders!