hide the stomach in a pencil skirt

What pencil skirt for a big tummy is suitable?

It is not like that one can magically banish the belly and fit into a skirt and look all classy. Fear not, there are ways to make sure you don’t have to give up your desire to wear the perfectly elegant attire of your wish, in this case a skirt. It’s the sharpest weapon that can work wonders, making you look and feel powerful wherever you go. You don’t have to look any further because we have got you all covered! Certain styling of the pencil skirt can easily make you stand out amongst the rest.

What to wear with plus size pencil-skirts


A protruding tummy can make you look unappealing in an awesome pencil skirt but, there is a solution. If you buy a pencil skirt with a band on top of it, it can easily fix the belly in no time while also making it possible to roam around with perfect ease. This way, you can style a pencil skirt even if you are not in shape to wear one. If you possess a rounder, softer and mature body, starts dressing the skirt with shape wear to align the body in a symmetrical shape to ensure that no bulks of skin are prominent.

hide the stomach in a pencil skirt

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Wearing something over a tucked-in shirt can significantly contribute to being trendy for a delightful evening while the body’s flaccid and loose shape will maintain itself underneath all the heavy dressing. And thus, a pencil skirt for a big belly will become a pencil skirt for no tummy. To hide belly fat in a pencil skirt, don’t rush with all the layering. Because, although it works well, too much of it can make you uncomfortable. Hence, avoid the use of any type of belt to complement the skirt as it will draw direct attention towards the chubby tummy just sitting there.

hide the stomach in a pencil skirt
pencil skirt for a big tummy

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Surely, every girl or woman wants to be complimented on how beautiful they look and how much ambiance they radiate through their personality, in this case their dressing. The selection of pencil skirts is the basic step to recognize your body figure and need. Wearing pencil skirts with embroidery and embellishment on the center of the skirt and around the waist-length will surely make you look like a midlife mama with a jelly belly if you are round shaped. Pencil Skirts with a big belly need to be styled in a very decent manner, plain black skirts can do the trick instead of white ones to make you feel fuller, gorgeous and slimmer.

pencil skirt for a big tummy


Pencil Skirts with a pleated bottom can do the trick by shifting the focus more towards the legs than the tummy while helping with hiding the big tummy in the pencil skirt. Pencil skirts with zippers and stripes can also draw attention in a more vertical line, making the appearance more lean and long in every way. A pleated bottom works like magic to shift the eyes more towards the hemlines and legs instead of the big belly.

pencil skirt for a big tummy


For plus size women who are very conscious about how they would look in a pencil skirt with a big belly and require more confidence regarding their bodies, the simplest way is to make yourself look a little bit tall by showing more of your beautiful legs. Wear that confidence along with the skirt and own the night! 

pencil skirt for a big tummy

But do not use a short skirt if your legs are not perfect.

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High waist pencil skirt with a big belly

High waist pencil skirts squeeze your mid-section and give an illusion of a flat tummy. All such suggestions can work smoothly on all body types to make any girl not look daunting when she hiding the tummy in the pencil skirt.

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pencil skirt with a big belly

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