look cute without makeup

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No matter which age group you belong to, looking and feeling good without putting on tons of makeup is a no brainer. Read on to find how you can look beautiful without spending hours in front of the mirror.

You can look pretty good without makeup once you get to know the basics of enhancing your features and how to add a little bit of radiance to your complexion to make it more natural and fresh.


The secret to being cute without extensive makeup or no makeup is good healthy skin, which can only be achieved by applying a good quality moisturizer.

look cute without makeup,

The key to possessing such an angelic dreamy skin tone is to understand the tone of your skin and then feeding it all the nutrition it lacks in. If you are someone who has a tough routine and doesn’t have much time to get ready in the morning then the best thing you can possibly opt is a night time skincare regime like sleeping with a moisturizing sheet mask on your face, which results in a fully prepped and glowing skin in the morning to your surprise.


Toner is an essential item in your skincare list if you want to fill in those open pores to look fuller and get rid of those blemishes. Try going for a non-alcoholic toner to avoid skin irritation. This step will totally prove worth your 10 minutes and can make you look cute without makeup. Skipping heavy foundation can make you a little bit conscious the way you look but with poreless and matte skin tone you are better without it.

look cute without makeup,


The key to nailing the no-makeup look and looking cute in it is to work through your eyelash and brows. Nowadays there are a lot of eyelash extensions in stores that add a lot of depth to your face. Using eyelash extensions or falsies really enhance your eyes and make you look beautiful without applying makeup. Applying Castor Oil, Olive Oil, or Glycerin on your lashes before sleeping helps you achieve thicker, longer and fuller lashes.

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Hair can make a lot of difference in the overall personality of an individual. Long hair or short hair, when styled into a ponytail or loose curls falling off the shoulder can make you look desirable and admirable. It is your every right to look good without makeup on your face. Makeup should be a choice and not a necessity. Take extra care of your hair by applying extra virgin coconut oil once a week. A messy hairstyle can complement your no-makeup face, making you look all suave and stylish.

look cute without makeup

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The most prominent feature on your face is your lips that can make you cute even with no makeup. Try to keep them hydrated and rosy pink flushed as much as possible. Fuller lips can be achieved by using extra virgin coconut oil. Applying it to the middle section of the lower lip and merging it to make those lips look more prominent than usual.

look good without makeup,


Moreover, to top it all wear a good dress embellished with confidence to stand out. Your goal should be to achieve healthy and smooth skin which looks radiant without makeup. Follow the tips mentioned above and you’ll start looking cute without makeup.