The lace choker is an exquisite jewelry, which is rapidly gaining popularity in the new season. It gives the modern image of femininity and special softness. Many modern girls have in their collections a woven choker tattoo or a ribbon choker. In addition, such jewelry is very simple to make. It will take much less time than running around the stores in search of an original jewelry.

We already told on the site how to make a choker out of fishing line. Published instructions for making choker from headphones, velvet tape, and also from rubber bands. Now it’s time for the next experiment. Read how to make a choker out of lace. We decided to create something like a this choker.

белый кружевной чокер

This choker is suitable for young girls and for grown-up womens. It will suit not only the stylish tambler girls, but also admirers of urban, everyday, and boho-style. Women of age can also wear a lace choker, but it should be much more refined, majestic, more complex. For example, as in the photo.

In the list of fashionable chokers in 2017, the lace version of jewelry keeps in the lead! For a complete list of fashion accessories, see the latest publication.

белый кружевной чокер

белый кружевной чокер

Lace choker necklace diy: tools and materials

The lace ribbon. You can find a lace ribbon in the needlework shop. There is material of different width and color. Patterns range from the simplest to the most complex. Accordingly, and the price for them is different. But we’ll show you how to make a choker out of lace that you can find at home. Often clothes are no longer suitable for wearing, and the lace on it has the same pure color and the fabric structure remained perfect. So it happened with our summer white blouse. Using such material, the work will be slightly larger than with the purchased tape. But this method is very economical.

Fasteners. Since the lace ribbon does not stretch so much to just dress the made choker over your head, you will have to think about how to connect the two ends of the jewelry. You can tie it in the back with a bow, but it sometimes looks too bulky. You can buy fasteners in a specialized store, but it will take us some time and you will incur certain costs. We used a buckle from an old broken wide bracelet. By the way, we advise you to find just such a fastening too.

застежка чокер из круженой ленты

– You will also need sharp scissors for the fabric, pliers, centimeter tape measure, candle.

How to make a lace choker: step by step instruction with photos

– Separate the tape from the fabric. If the lace is not wide, then it is necessary to unpick it. Do it slowly, so as not to damage the delicate fabric, otherwise the choker will be spoiled. If the lace ribbon is wide, then you can simply cut off it from the fabric, as we did.

– Measure the girth of your neck and cut off the necessary lace length. This can be done with a centimeter. Or try the tape to the neck, not stretching it too much. In our case, the length of the unstrung ribbon is 30 cm.

как сделать чокер из кружевной ленты

чокер из кружева на шею своими руками

– Determine the width of the future choker. It depends on your preferences. We decided that for us the optimal width would be three centimeters. Cut it as straight as possible. You may need a ruler and a pencil, with which you will outline the line from the inner side of the fabric. Or follow the picture of lace. Making an equal edge is not so easy as it seems at first sight.

чокер из кружева на шею своими руками– If you gently cut the lace off the fabric, mayby, it does not require any processing of the edges, everything has already been done by professionals. And if you had to cut the lace, because it was too wide, then you need to process the edges, so that in time the small threads are not spoiled the look of the chocer. There are two ways – to master the technique of working on a sewing machine or process the edge with a flame.

– We chose the second one. But here you need skill too. Take care that the candle is firmly on the stand, the fire is uniform and does not change the direction of the draft or people passing by. Bring the lace gently to the candle, but not too close. The fabric should gently melt at the tips, but leave no brown or black marks. The edge must be straight after processing. Otherwise, the choker will be sloppy.

чокер из кружева на шею своими руками

– Insert the edges of the fabric into the fasteners and press with pliers.

A  lace ribbon choker is ready! You can try it on!

чокер из кружева на шею своими рукамичокер из кружева на шею своими руками

How to make a lace choker necklace: Important Tips

  • The choker should fit tightly around your neck. But an extremely tight choker, digging into the skin, also looks extremely unattractive!
  • Universal chokers – black or white. They will fit most of your wardrobe. Colored jewelry, too, look original, but you will have to think about combining them with the outfit.
  • If desired, you can attach the suspension to the choker. But it must match the style of decoration, be as refined as the lacy patterns. Really appreciate and the size of the suspension. Ask in this matter with an older sister, a girlfriend or a mom.

белый кружевной чокер

– The stylists claim that the V-neck of the neckline fits perfectly with the choker. Other tips on how to properly wear a choker, read in our next publication.

– Now you know all the secrets, how to make a lace choker diy. There is nothing complicated here. But accuracy, caution, patience when you work will be extremely necessary. But you will become the owner of jewelry, which takes the leading place in the ranking of jewelry.