black manicure with rhinestones

Black Nails with Rhinestones: 14 Best Ideas

Modern experts have considered in black manicure intelligence and elegance. If you add to the dark coating a few brilliant diamonds, then there will be no trace of gloom! Manicure with black lacquer and rhinestones will even fit to your best evening dresses!

Black manicure with rhinestones: the main features

For which women is this design suitable? It is difficult to establish an age frame, but we know one thing: it must be stylish and elegant woman with refined manners and exquisite tassels. She knows how to present herself. All the details of her image are perfect. We are sure that you are exactly like that!

We describe several important design features.

– For a girl with pale skin, black nails with rhinestones can play no good, having drawn too much attention to her hands, creating an unacceptable contrast. But for beautiful women with dark skin – this is an excellent variation!

black manicure with rhinestones

– The base of the nails should be perfectly flat. Black lacquer will betray any irregularities and roughness on the plate. And even the shiny rhinestones will not cover up small flaws! Therefore, do not be lazy to conduct a thorough preliminary preparation of nails.

– A black matte finish matches perfectly with rhinestones. Glossy base spoil the nobility of a manicure. Black matte nails with rhinestones look irresistible and neat.

black matte nails with rhinestones

– Carefully select the shape of the nails. You already know that the free edge should be the same length on all the plates. In addition, this design is not very suitable for short nails, as it can further reduce the size. But for those who still want to have a manicure in black with rhinestones for short nails, we will give some valuable tips in the final part of the article.

Black matte nails with rhinestones

– Long, sharp nails in black can look aggressive and bold. Especially on nails with a peaked form. It is best to cover with black lacquer medium-length rectangular plates with rounded edges or almond-shaped. Round shape is too tender for black color.

Black nails with rhinestones

– You can create a manicure in black with rhinestones of different shades. The most successful is the combination with gold or silver stones. Recall that the “metallic” shades are fashionable in 2019.

Black nails with rhinestones

– Blue stones can be used for everyday designs and for celebrations.

– Sometimes you can see a beautiful design with a combination of rhinestones of different shades. Ability to shine is welcome in 2019. But within reason.

Black lacquer with rhinestones: the best ideas

We offer you the most current designs that are recommended by the masters of nail service in 2019.

A sparkling smile

Not surprisingly, french manicure in 2019 is again among the favorites. Modern modifications of shades and shapes in french design are more valuable and more relevant than traditional classics.

Black nails with rhinestones

Brilliant rain

The emphasis on one or two finger is an example of a competent and “tasty” design. It is even possible to patch the entire surface of the plate with rhinestones, but others nails leave  intact. Glittering droplets can be quite large in size, it will not spoil the manicure.

Black nails with rhinestones

Black moon manicure with rhinestones

A good variation can be supplemented with rhinestones along the border of the base and the hole, or glued one large rhinestone to a contrast crescent. Originally looks like a triangular hole, lined with rhinestones.

Black nails with rhinestones

Black lacquer with rhinestones and sequins

If you decide to use as much brilliance in the design, then follow the rule of alternation. Apply glitter only to the area that is not occupied by stones. Do not use too many sparkles.

Look for interesting french-sparkle ideas on our website in a fresh review.

Look at these black and silver nails with rhinestones. Silver enhances the solemnity of this New Year’s manicure.

Black lacquer with rhinestones and sequins


Black and white manicure with rhinestones

White color is an excellent companion for black. Use it in your design to add optimism to your manicure. Decorate with rhinestones, given the above rules.

black and white manicure with rhinestones

 Black and red nails with rhinestones

The classic combination of red and black has always been considered a success. Why not decorate it with rhinestones for greater spectacularity. Moreover, the red manicure is another favorite in manicure, which is not going to lower its positions, at least until the end of next year.

Black and red nails with rhinestones

Black and gold nails with rhinestones

 Black manicure with gold looks great: a rich and luxurious combination that will make your hands the center of attention. Black manicure can be done with the decoration in the form of small and large glitter, decorated with stamping with patterns, Baroque prints and complex geometric shapes. Thin gold stripes on a black background, as well as various patterns and figures from them look concisely and fashionably. If you want something unusual, combine black with gold foil. This design looks original and bold. But in this case, do not use too many rhinestones in the design.

black and gold nails with rhinestones

Negative space plus black with rhinestones

Leave unpainted stripes on your nails to demonstrate your deep knowledge of manicure trends. And do not forget to attach the rhinestones, you can directly on the transparent strips or border.

black negative space manicure with rhinestones

Ombre in black color

Black manicure with rhinestones, the photo of which you see below is a combination of different techniques: gradient, black monochrom and sparkling stones. Mixing different techniques in one design is the trend of this year.

 Black and red ombre with rhinestones

Black and red ombre with rhinestones

Lace and rhinestones

A few neat lace will not be superfluous. If you want to add patterns to a black manicure with rhinestones – do not use complex shapes and a variety of shades, so as not to overburden the design.

black manicure with rhinestones

Patterns of small rhinestones

For talented masters of home manicure we can advise such a luxurious option. But keep in mind that it is more difficult to handle small rhinestones: it is difficult to put them in the right place, to stick them neatly when making a drawing.

Black nails with rhinestones

Black nails with rhinestones

Black matte manicure with crystals

Experts say that rhinestones look most lucid on matte black coatings! It creates the necessary contrast that adds spectacularness and sophistication of the design.

Black matte nails with rhinestones

Black manicure with rhinestones for short nails

We have already said that the color is black and rhinestones are good for short nails. We also recommend placing rhinestones with vertical or diagonal lines. This will visually lengthen the nails. Other ways to make nails visually longer read on our website.

If you are inspired by a manicure with stones, we suggest you look through the Best Ideas about Red Nails with Rhinestones.

short black nails with rhinestones

Red nail with rhinestones

Best Ideas about Red Nails with Rhinestones

You think that only nude or dark nails can be decorated with rhinestones? No, you can do more bold experiments, such as trendy red nails. Fiery red is in the list of the most popular manicure colors. And it is relevant not only in summer, but also in winter, in New Year’s designs! Why not decorate a trendy red manicure with a few shiny stones? Indeed, it turns out very beautiful! Bright red nails and rhinestones – an explosive combination for confident women! Let’s see more variations!

rhinestones on red nails

Rhinestones on red nails: major rules

Women like glitter and diamonds. And this year they are allowed to shine: a manicure with gold, glitters and rhinestones are trendy. Are there any restrictions on such designs?

– Red lacquer is considered the brightest of the color palettes. So do not overdo it with rhinestones. Of course, in our time, individuality and courage is encouraged, but most of the surrounding people perceive the abundance of rhinestones as bad taste.

– The most versatile – transparent rhinestones that fit almost any color. But you can also use black, blue,gold and also stones of a related red palette.

rhinestones on red nails

– If you use one or two diamante in the decor, then they can be quite large. If you want to make a brilliant track, then pick up small rhinestones.

– Buy only high-quality and expensive decorative items! On a luxurious red coating, it is permissible to attach the same beautiful stones, and not children’s penny sequins.

–  You can made a combination of rhinestones of different sizes in one composition. Rely on your taste! And if you are just starting to experiment with the design with rhinestones, then look at the compositions created by professionals! Such are published on our site!

red nails with rhinestones

– Rhinestones can be used for nails of any length and shape, including short nails. Too long nail  may look too aggressive.

– For short red nails with rhinestones, pick up darker shades of polish, and place the rhinestones along the plate. Do not use too large stones, do not decorate the base with too much decor.

Red nail with rhinestones

– Rhinestones – self-contained decor. The red base itself is very bright and saturated. Therefore, it is not necessary to additionally weight complex patterns, as well as a combination of different colors. It will be enough to have a few rhinestones on a plain disc! An exception may be a mix of red with a neutral black or white color. They will not overload the overall composition.

Red manicure with rhinestones: best photos

There is one more important factor influencing how effective your manicure will be. Red lacquer with rhinestones will look perfect only if the decor is successfully placed.

Briefly list the most common options.

Shirt – a series of rhinestones, placed vertically, from the cuticle to the free edge.

Way – the stones are located close to each other vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

red nails with rhinestones

Semicircle – the selection of the hole or the free edge in a jacket or moon manicure.

Red nail with rhinestones

Chess – 2-3 rows of rhinestones in a checkerboard pattern.

Wave – a curved path at the base of the marigold.

red nails with rhinestones

Geometric shapes: rhombus, circle or square. Or a simple composition of these figures.

Triangle. It can also perform the function of a non-standard hole in the moon manicure.

dark red nails with rhinestones

– Nice bow on nails, made of rhinestones. Let’s be honest, it’s not so easy to make a figure out of pebbles. It is difficult for beginners to evenly lay a simple circle. Best masters of home manicure can lay out the Eiffel Tower or an asterisk. If you like the design in the photo below, then read the instructions for building a bow of rhinestones in our recent publication.

Red nail with rhinestones

– Romantic heart – perfect for Valentine’s Day. Or for every day, for those who are in love …

red nails with rhinestones

– Beautiful flower for spring design.

red nails with rhinestones
– Inscriptions and letters rhinestones. Over such a design will have to work longer at home.

rhinestones on red nails

Red manicure with rhinestones: ideas for you

We turn to the most interesting question: we will demonstrate the most successful design variations.

Red french with rhinestones

The most favorite design, only in the new original interpretation! The traditional version in white and pink shades is already a bit tired, so women find new versions of the french nail in 2019, changing the color palette and the shape of a smile. A few shiny elements are able to give the design a solemnity and charm!

red nails with rhinestones

French manicure in red colors can be decorated with rhinestones in different ways:

– one large rhinestone on the smile line or near the moon;

– strings of thin stones on the border of the smile line;

– decoration of the basis of plates;

– decorating only the ring finger.

Red french with rhinestones

Red moon manicure with rhinestones

The extremely popular reverse variation of the french nail has stood out in a separate fashionable trend. Masters with great enthusiasm create new designs, changing not only the colors, but also the shapes of the crescent. The hole of rhinestones can be bent in the usual or “opposite” direction. Often, one large stone is placed on a contrast hole. It is possible to decorate with brilliant diamonds on the base of the nail, regardless of the line of the reverse smile.

rhinestones on red nails

The emphasis on the ring finger

If you decide to decorate with only one finger, then you can use rhinestones of larger sizes, different colors. It is permissible to decorate the entire plate with sparkling elements. Cover all other fingers with a uniform monophonic coating.

red nails with rhinestones

Lace with rhinestones

Openwork patterns on the nails – it is elegant, sophisticated, feminine. Rhinestones should harmoniously fit into the design with lace, creating a complete composition.

red nails with rhinestones

Red manicure with pictures and rhinestones

We have already mentioned that using complex patterns and rhinestones in the same manicure is not recommended. Big painted elements will not benefit the design. Beautiful red manicure with rhinestones is a luxurious coating with a minimum number of images that forms a complete picture.

red nails with rhinestones

Red and black nails with rhinestones

The classic combination of red and black is very harmonious and more relaxed. Shades balance each other. Design can be decorated with rhinestones and for the holiday and for everyday life.

rhinestones on red nails

Ombre nails with rhinestones

Color stretching can be performed using related (pink, burgundy, orange) or contrasting (black, white) shades. Place on the basis of a few pebbles, but make sure that they do not hide the beauty of a smooth transition of shades.

Ombre nail with rhinestones
Red nail with rhinestones

Red and white nails with rhinestones

One of the most successful combinations in manicure – nail polish red and white colors. Add diamonds to make the manicure look sophisticated and feminine.

Often perform snow-white patterns on a red background. It is recently become a fashionable trend. Women like red and white french or moon manicure. To create a harmonious composition decorate the plate with several rhinestones.

rhinestones on red nails

Red and gold nails with rhinestones

Noble red color goes well with gold. Looks great two-color manicure in these shades. Choose gold stones to decorate the composition.

Red and gold nail with rhinestones

Manicure red nails with rhinestones: technical secrets

– Masters advise to attach rhinestones with a special glue. On the Internet, you can find instructions that allow you to mount them to the wet lacquer. But let us warn you at once: you risk losing a part of the decor already when you put on a fur coat. Therefore, better be safe.

– Is it necessary to cover rhinestones with a finishing coating for reliability? Small rhinestones can be “hidden” under a layer of top, but they noticeably dim and lose some of their attractiveness. But large crystals is not recommended to cover the finish line – the design will be spoiled!

Finally, another tip: buy rhinestones with a flat base. They are the most reliable! They are easy to attach to the nail at home! Apply glue on the nail, not on the stone. In this case, they will hold on to the base stronger.