In the new season, it is practically impossible to see genuine leather on the world catwalks – designers abandoned it, thereby acting in defense of the environment. It was replaced by eco-leather – an artificial substitute, which, however, provides massive opportunities to bring to life the most creative ideas.

leather pants
Bottega Veneta 2019-2020

What can be worn with leather trousers to look both stylish and harmonious – fashion experts answer this topical question, recommending the best selections for each style.

Modern styles of leather trousers can be conveniently classified into two categories: wide and tight.

What to wear wide leather trousers with?

After looking at the photos from fashion shows, you can find different models made of matte or glazed eco-leather.

Flared trousers

Flared from a knee or hip leather pants are a retro trend that is still relevant nowadays. Most of all they are suitable for tall girls, even if they have some extra kilograms, the trousers correct the figure. If you choose a model with a high waist, your height will visually increase

Leather flared pants can be combined well with tunics, cardigans, blazers. Lovers of an informal style can wear them with colorful shirts, a denim vest. And combining a leather flare with a smart crop top, you can get a set of festive clothes.

Flared trousers

wide leather pants
Roksanda 2019-2020

Straight trousers

This classic model can be basic for creating a business, casual, romantic or elegant image. Straight leather pants allow any combinations – with jackets, cardigans, light blouses and formal shirts, tops, t-shirts and T-shirts. The main thing is that the details are matched according to the stylish outfit.

Leather trousers what to wear with

What to wear wide tight leather trousers with?

Chinos, bananas, carrot trousers

 Wide cut is a trend of the new season, this also applies to leather pants 2020. It corrects the figure: a free cut around the hips will hide their imperfections, a fashionable high fit will emphasize the waist, and legs, tapering downwards, will visually lengthen the legs. Such models will be in harmony with any top – turtleneck, sweater, blouse. Fashionable touch: it is recommended to tuck in the top of the outfit in trousers.

What to wear wide tight leather trousers with?

Leather trousers what to wear with

Peg trousers

Having chosen the correct model of breeches, you can hide the excessive corpulence of the hips or a narrow pelvis, and at the same time you can emphasize the waist, accentuate long legs.

It’s not recommended to wear a long top with such trousers and untucked clothing. A turtleneck, a cropped jacket, a tight-fitting t-shirt or top are the best options. Leather peg trousers with a white shirt or blouse look very impressive. As in the previous case, the top must be tucked into peg trousers.

leather  trousers

leather trousers


Don’t believe that these wide cropped pants suit only tall girls. It’s not true, the main thing is to choose the right details for the suit, given that the leather culottes are made of dense material and often bulge. Therefore, in combination with such pants, elongated cardigans and jackets, voluminous blouses, tunics, as well as a multilayer top are forbidden.

leather trousers

leather trousers culottes

Note: all other wide leather pants are sewn from thin types of leather, so as not to burden the look.

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What to wear tight fitting leather trousers with?


Leather skinny pants “fit” the figure like a second skin and look cocky and sexy. They match perfectly with the casual style with a shirt, tunic, bomber jacket, cardigan.

What to wear tight fitting leather trousers with

What to wear tight fitting leather trousers with

If you have no problems with figure, you can safely create an office look with leather skinny pants – a modern democratic style allows this.

What to wear tight fitting leather trousers with

Replacing a casual or strict top with a smart blouse, you will get an evening outfit.

What to wear tight fitting leather trousers with


These pants are distinguished by a narrow cut, so they fit the figure tightly. As well as skinny pants, slim trousers are worn with loose sweaters, T-shirts and tunics, or with a smart blouse. In a casual style, layering is welcome.

What to wear tight fitting leather trousers with

What to wear leather skinny trousers with


Leggings are popular among women and differ from tights in the way that they are made of a denser fabric, often have a fastener. Leather leggings are organically combined with different elements of clothing – a denim shirt, a sweatshirt, a short jacket and a long coat.

what to wear leather leggings with

what to wear leather leggings with
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