Do you want to know why you can’t lose weight?

Do you torture yourself with diets but aren't losing weight? Do you have a healthy lifestyle and weight does not go away? Take the test, give honest answers and find out the true reason!

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What is your appetite?

1. Good, but I'm fighting it.
2. Normal appetite, like everyone's else.
3. I do not complain about appetite.
4. When how, in different ways.
5. Depending on what’s on the plate.
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What kind of food do you prefer?

1. I eat only low-calorie foods.
2. Anything, it just should be tasty.
3. I eat food that does not need cooking for a long time. This allows me to have time to do more things.
4. Snack or sandwiches, hamburgers.
5. I stick to proper nutrition.
6. I don't care what it is.
7. I try to restrict myself, but I can’t refuse sweets
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The main meal I have...

1. Three to four times a day, mostly in the morning.
2. I try not to eat at all.
3. In the first half of the day- breakfast and lunch, in the second - dinner.
4. I eat when I am hungry
5. In the afternoon
6. I have a snack in the afternoon, but after work in the evening I have a full dinner.
Question 4 of 11.

When I eat ...

1. I plan what I will do after eating
2. Feel guilty
3. I don't talk with my mouth full
4. I enjoy the process, enjoy the meal
5. I don’t notice what is on a plate
6. I watch TV or read
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How do you describe your activity?

1. I have sedentary work and I don’t have time to train, but I try to walk more on the way to work.
2. I go in for sport three to four times a week
3. I go in for sports 1-2 times a week, sometimes I have to miss because of the tight schedule.
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Do you allow yourself to eat after sports training?

1. I do not eat after sports, otherwise, there is no point in training
2. I can’t refuse a sweet chocolate bar.
3. I can eat, but if I train late, I drink only juice
4. Yes, I eat food full of proteins, for example, cottage cheese or drink pure protein
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How fast do you eat usually?

1. It depends on what I eat
2. In the afternoon slowly, in the evening quickly
3. Very fast, no time to eat
4. My plate is empty earlier than the other's
5. I don't know
6. I enjoy eating
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What carbohydrates are in your diet?

1. I can not live without chocolate
2. Do you mean sweet and starchy foods?
3. I do not eat carbohydrates!
4. I eat without thinking about whether it’s carbohydrates or not
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If you decide to visit a cafe with friends, and did not find diet meals on the menu

1. I will choose a small dessert
2. I will not order anything, except for unsweetened tea or water.
3. I don’t go with friends in a cafe - I have no time
4. I order what others do.
5. I will allow myself a tasty, good dish, but tomorrow I will arrange a fasting day.
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What is the diet in your performance?

1. It is better to refuse fatty and fried food, and eat in small portions. No strict specific restrictions needed!
2. I start on Monday, but on Wednesday I finish. Then I start again on Monday
3. Everything is tough, full of rules and restrictions
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How much water do you drink?

1. I prefer juices, smoothies and tea. It can satisfy your thirst better
2. I constantly forget to drink water, but I know that the body needs it
3. I don’t think about how much water I drank.
4. I drink a lot of water, about 2-3 liters per day.

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Do you want to know why you can’t lose weight?

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