Pink hair dye: you can not be unnoticed

What girl does not like to experiment on her image to make it unusual and to highlight her advantages? Sometimes the power of reinvention is so intriguing that a woman is capable of the most original and extravagant experiments!

Pink hair color is just that case. Pink locks will be the highlight of your image, from which men won’t be able to take their eyes off. Having dyed your hair pink, you challenge yourself and society! Such an image will make you bold and bright, and romantic and gentle at the same time.

pink hair shades
Many modern young beauties dare to dye their hair unusual colors. The stylists of our site have already written about them. Girls who decide to dye their hair blue, feel misunderstood, they are overcome by a light sadness. And those who have shaded their headstyle in lavender color, are characterized by incredible dreaminess and tenderness. All their images are very bright.

pink and lavender hair
If pink hairstyle is combined with a delicate sensibility, then a sensual and perfect image is obtained! If you add a daring smile and provocative outfits, you can get a rather extravagant appearance. Incredibly, but pink hair can be combined even with business clothes! Think about your self-presentation.

Dark pink hair

Pink hair dye: features, advantages and disadvantages

Unconventionality, originality, brightness, and elegance and tenderness at the same time. t’s all about pink. A pink-haired girl is destined to catch the looks of others on herself. If you want to attract attention in this way, then you will definitely get it. And site experts also told about other (less extraordinary) ways to please people.
The peculiarity of unusual hair color is that they help to show personality and emphasize character traits, making the woman more open, and at the same time intriguing and shy. If you choose the right clothes, hair, makeup, shoes and accessories for this color, you can reach the art-work level.

pink hair dye

Advantages of pink hair are obvious

– They will make a hairstyle special in any situation.
– You can choose many different haircuts for pink hair, so it’s up to you: go and be creative.

pink hair dye

light pink hair style
– And of course, an unusual color will necessarily you will be selected from the gray, monotonous crowd.

Disadvantages and difficulties in caring for the pink hair

– Not every shade of pink is suitable for all types. Keep this in mind when choosing the right shade. It should be chosen, given the color of the skin and eyes. An incorrectly selected shade can play against you, making your image vulgar and defiant. Read some tips for choosing a shade in the continuation of the article.

pink hair dye
– You will have to take care of the hair more thoroughly, to coloring them in time, to apply nourishing masks. After all, colors (even tonic) dry your hair.

pink hair shades
– You will have to constantly work on improving your image, to think through a combination of clothes, as the hairstyle requires it. If you chose such a bright color of hair, then you must live up to it.

Look at the wonderful photos of girls with rainbow hair.

How to choose pink hair shades?

Depending on what kind of image a woman wants to realize, she needs to select a shade of pink. If she wants to be romantic, gentle and feminine, then white-pink and dark pink shades are what she needs. For a bright and daring image light pink and black and pink shades are best fitting.

pink hair dye
So, let’s look at the advantages of each of them.
The bright pink color is the most eccentric. It is more suitable for girls with pale skin. Be prepared to receive an incredible dose of attention from others and listen to their comments (both admiration and condemnation) each day.

pink hair dye

White-pink shade is also called pearl color. This combination itself is gentle and laid-back. Excellent for women of a light type with blue or gray eyes.

white and pink hair

Dark-pink shade emphasizes the girl’s confidence. Suitable for women with dark type, dark or yellow skin color. It’s popular among young girls.

Dark-pink hair

Light pink shade is a bold decision. Many girls prefer the unusual combination: acid pink and pale pink shade. Excellent for girls of light type. The combination of a bright and daring image is popular among young people.

Black and pink hair, in the modern world is not a new image. It is quite common. To begin with, the hair needs to be clarified, and then colored with a black and pink tinge. Suitable for girls with fair skin and brown eyes.

pink and black hair
Pink and blue hair is chosen by the most courageous experimenters. It is non-standard, extraordinary, and a real challenge to society!

Blue-pink hair

How to dye your hair pink?

To choose your own color correctly, stylists recommend to start dye only the tips. You will estimate your reflection in the mirror, yourself, and others will get used to the changes that occur in your appearance.

pink-haired girl

You can dye your hair pink using paint or special tonic. Dyes give a rich color and a relatively long-term effect. Tonics provide a duller and less intense shade, which is gradually washed away after 5-10 times you wash your hair.

You can dye your hair pink without dyes and toners. Stylists developed a special line of crayons that will help you to make your image unusual for a short time. You will be able to change the image and hairstyle for one day, and then return to the familiar look, just having washed your hair. Read on our website, how to dye your hair with crayons properly.

pink hair shades

pink hair shades
Sometimes women really need dramatic changes. It is their way to show the world their mysterious and fragile soul. And sometimes it is only necessary to fool around and to return to the perfect initial look! If the condition of hair has worsened a bit, then modern innovative means can fill your pink (black, red) hair with health and strength!

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