Fashion Skirts 2018: How To Be Different

fashion skirt 2018

Fashionable skirts are not lost among the spectacular dresses in the new season! The designers presented this feminine wardrobe subject in new unexpected interpretations. Now you  can be different every day!

fashion skirt 2018
Elisabetta Franchi 2018-2019

 Fashion 2018 recommends a free style of skirts

Gone are the days when all the girls looked like each other. Now you can get confused in the mass of stylish variations. You can not choose one single skirt from the long list of fashionable styles. They are so different that I want to buy everything at once!

One feature that unites skirts this season is a loose cut, a minimum of stiffness, maximum comfort! Finally, you can forget about the tight clothes, and think about something sublime! .. Or solve everyday problems in your mind.

What skirts can you have in the new season? What styles are especially relevant in 2018?

Pleated skirt

The popularity of neat pleating was quite expected. There was a lot of talk about her in the past seasons. She makes the figure more gentle and graceful. Designers advise women to choose a length below the knee so that the image is not too playful. Despite the fact that pleated skirts are often sewn from thin fabrics, they can be combined with dense clothing. Pleated skirt and oversized sweater is a modern mix, which many fashion experts teach us.

fashion pleated skirts 2018
Balmain Fall 2018

fashion pleated skirts 2018


 Transparent skirts

This is one of the most relevant and numerous types of women’s skirts, which fashion in the new season put forward in the forefront. Modest conservative women like light transparent materials on top of a dense fabric that hides the upper part of the legs. And eccentric people will definitely not overlook the most fashionable skirts with the effect of the naked body, created from a single transparent tulle or chiffon with small lace inserts. Surprisingly, this image is presented as romantic, without a touch of audacity and vulgarity. Long skirts are combined with loose modest blouses or sweaters. And yet, these outfits should not be worn at the office.

fashion transparent skirts 2018
Balmain Spring 2018 1
fashion skirts 2018
Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2018

Floor-length skirt

Long skirt creates a certain grandeur of the image. «Mood» attire depends on the material and additional components of the outfit, as well as accessories and shoes. floor-length skirts will make a woman tender or sensual, extravagant or proud.

fashion skirts 2018
Brandon Maxwell Fall 2018

Pencil skirt

A classic pencil skirt will never go out of fashion. It perfectly demonstrates the ideal figure and makes the body slimmer visually. The skirt perfectly complements the business, romantic, everyday style. And to combine a strict skirt-pencil is not necessary only with blouses. It can be combined with a leather jacket and sneakers.

We are surprised by the experiments with the types of materials. Do you like a pencil skirt made of leather, denim or dense wool? And if the laconic form seems boring to you, then choose models with huge pockets, rows of buttons or other additions.

fashion skirts 2018
Topshop Unique Spring Summer 2018

High waist

Skirts with high waist are the main trend of this year. This also applies to trousers and fashion jeans. Skirts from dense tissue can slightly correct the shortcomings of the body, hide the bulging belly. This style is suitable for girls with any type of figure.

fashion hight waist skirts 2018
Marc Jacobs Fall 2018


Additional details on the dress, ragged hem, asymmetric edges — these are the main methods to «break» the standard cut of the laconic style. If you focus on the form, then the color should be uniform. Only in monochrome skirts all the nuances of the form can be easily considered.

Marissa Webb Fall 2018
Marissa Webb Fall 2018

Slit skirt

Why slit skirt so popular? They are comfortable when walking. Longitudinal lines visually extend the silhouette, make the figure slimmer. Skirts add an image of seductiveness, slightly opening the legs. We noticed actual styles with one or two deep side incisions, and also with a small incision in the front, which is visible only when walking.

fashion skirts 2018
Attico Spring 2018
fashion skirts 2018
Badgley Mischka Spring 2018

Lace skirts

Lace is not going to give up! He became thinner and more transparent in the new season. In the most effective variations of skirts, designers «forgot» the lining fabric. Now you see slender legs! Experts say that you should not be too shy! Combine the air skirts with tight jackets and sweaters. This outfit will seem more modest.

fashion skirts 2018
Olivier Theyskens Fall 2018

fashion lace skirts 2018

Ruffles or flounces

Coquettish ruffles, voluminous flounces are most often represented in monochrome skirts, so as not to overload the image. Such elements will emphasize the thin female waistline. Or hide the narrow hips. You need to choose the right style.
It looks good on slender girls. They can afford to skirt with a variety of flounces.
The skirt will correct inverted triangle figure with narrow hips and broad shoulders. The proportions are smoothed out.
Do not wear a skirt with flounces, if the figure resembles an apple and a pear. A girl with wide hips will look even wider.

fashion skirts 2018
Balmain Spring 2018
fashion skirts 2018
Elie Saab Fall 2018


This simple form of the year finds its admirers. Its main feature is the shape that surrounds the waist and expands to the floor. It is not limited to one long and can be either a maxi or a mini (midi) skirt. Skirt-trapezium is ideal for the embodiment of the image of a business woman.
A distinctive feature of fashionable trapeze skirts 2018 is a high waist. She is able to visually lengthen the figure, neatly outline the hips and reduce the waist. These are excellent characteristics!

fashion skirts 2018

fashion skirts 2018


The number of long skirts considerably exceeds the short ones. But the owners of slim long legs also have the opportunity to demonstrate the advantages of their shape. For greater effectiveness wear them with beautiful shoes, for example high boots. And in order not to look vulgar, combine them with elongated jackets and sweaters. And in the summer — with shirts and blouses with long sleeves.

fashion leather skirts 2018
Christian Dior, Printempsété 2018

Bouffant skirts

Eccentric and bizarre people choose lush skirts: long, short, midi and other puffy clothes. In such outfits, you definitely will not be left without attention. Volumetric skirts are designed for slender girls. And again the choice of materials is decided by everyone! It can be a bright satin or a transparent chiffon with a lot of folds.

fashion skirts 2018
Christian Dior Spring 2018
fashion skirts 2018
Chanel Spring 2018


Additional details on the dress, ragged hem, asymmetric edges — these are the main methods to «break» the standard cut of the laconic style. If you focus on the form, then the color should be uniform. Only in monochrome skirts all the nuances of the form can be easily considered.

Trendy Skirts 2018: fabrics and materials

Velvet skirts

No fashion show can not do without the royal velvet in the new season. It even entered the list of main trends of the year. Especially beautiful soft fabric looks in long skirts and velvet dresses. Do not combine in the image two things from the corduroy, so as not to overload the image.

fashion skirts 2018

If you are aware of the fashion trends of the year, then the list of actual tissues can be guessed.

Leather skirts

The color palette and styles of wear-resistant skirts made of leather will very much please fashionists. The most numerous, most likely, are leather pencil skirts. And they are not only suitable for strict onions in business style. To create an everyday image, you can wear an oversized sweater and a jacket, heels or sneakers.

fashion leather skirts 2018
Dennis Basso Pre-Fall 2018
fashion leather skirts 2018
Daks AutumnWinter 2018

Knitwear and wool

It is not necessary to wear pants in the cold season. Frost is not terrible, if in your wardrobe there is a knitted, woolen or cashmere skirt. They are great for high boots.

fashion skirts 2018
Max Mara Fall 2018


Modern jeans skirts have a high waist, like fashion jeans. And still — more interesting form. Asymmetric bottom, large pockets, different length.

fashion skirts 2018
Marissa Webb Fall 2018


For summer, uniquely select natural fabrics: linen and cotton. On a hot day the body will breathe! Light shades are appropriate in the summer!


Cute Women’s Print Skirts 2018

In parallel with the monotony skirt live well with a variety of colorings. Designers were not too lazy to translate skirts in different prints. See the best photos, skirts 2018 will be able to inspire you to create stylish images!


The real favorite among all prints is tartan. Especially impressive were long models for cold pores. There is a feeling that the girls came to the podiums in warm blankets. In winter, you can also look stylish in Scottish tartan, and do not tremble with frost!

fashion skirts 2018
Daks Fall 2018

Flower print

Dresses and skirts with floral patterns — femininity in its pure form! Do you like small vegetable patterns with a two-color version or a large decor with carved petals? Choose according to the situation and personal tastes. And in one, and in another you will look stunning!

fashion skirt 2018
Michael Kors Collection Fall 2018
fashion skirts 2018
Oscar de la Renta Fall 2018

Animals prints

A more recent innovation in the fashion world could not bypass the fashionable skirts. Familiar and understandable to many option with animal skins (tiger, leopard) no longer surprise anyone. But the snake print is still not everyone will try on. Skirts with funny drawings of animals on the fabric — trendy trend, with which the stylists play with pleasure.

fashion skirts 2018
Kenzo Fall 2018

butterfly print skirts


Strip skirt

One of the fashion trends of the season is a strip. This print is a passion for many designers. It can be vertical, horizontal, oblique on the fabric.

The objects of our image have a different direction of the strip: the top — with a horizontal strip, and the skirt — with a vertical strip. A strip at the bottom and a monophonic top fit well, too.

fashion skirt 2018

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