My name is Oksana Smolij. I’m from Ukraine. I’m a teacher.

I strive to move forward and reach new heights. I am constantly improving myself and testing myself. I have loved and studied English since childhood because I dreamed of traveling and seeing the world. I want to train my skills, so I created this blog.

When the people of my country chose the path to Europe I was very happy. Now I could make my dream come true. But now my heroic homeland is defending its will and independence.

Our freedom-loving nation does not want to be a slave mob! No one can understand why the war started. Why did the people of Russia succumb to the lies and will of a selfish demon? Due to constant shelling, siren signals aerial bombardment, we do not have the essentials that a month ago seemed simple and familiar.

We do not have sleep, rest, the opportunity to do our favorite work, there is a lack of food and drinking water. Ukrainians are dying, losing their homes, but they do not give up because they want to choose their own president, speak and think freely, like Europeans.

Ukrainian children do not have the opportunity to study in classes, and I do not have the opportunity to teach them. I also don’t have the opportunity to blog, because I just can’t afford to be in my house. I have to flee to shelters and go to safer areas. Yesterday, four enemy missiles flew into my area. Three of them were shot down by our armed forces, and one fell into the military. There are wounded and killed. My own children are deprived of the opportunity to walk in the spring sunny yard. They used to spend the night in shelters and don’t even cry about it anymore.

Russian bombers destroy schools, theaters, children’s hospitals, maternity hospitals, high-rise buildings. 25% of Ukrainians have already lost their homes. How is this possible in the 21st century? Various emotions live in my soul, such as fear, pride in my heroic state, despair, gratitude to our European friends for their support.

My nation is strong, but it becomes even stronger when it sees the support of the whole world! We thank you! Your thoughts with us! Because we are all for peace!

Support us, we need it now! Support my blog, please