Culottes are in fashion in 2020. Designers presented new actual models of culottes at fashion shows. See photos on our website.

General tips on how to wear culottes right way, read the separate publication. Now find out what to wear culottes with in 2020. What are the best combinations with classic culottes?

What to wear culottes with to look modern and fashionable?

Romance blouses with puffed sleeves for a delicate feminine look.

What to wear culottes with

Stylish shirts with print or plain shirts are suitable for everyday walks. Read about fashionable leather culottes.

shirt with shirt

Fashionable seductive bodysuits can be worn by girls with a slim figure.

how to wear culottes in 2020

Lingerie tops are a bold combination for young slender girls who like to be in the spotlight.

What to wear culottes with

Culottes: what to wear them with

Cropped tops for a festive summer occasion will suit slim girls. However, plus-sized women must combine culottes with a closed top. The models of culottes should also be chosen carefully.  Read important tips for choosing culottes for plump women the article by our authors.

Culottes: what to wear them with

In winter, you can wear culottes in combination with tights, which should be the same color with shoes or trousers. Learn how to wear culottes in winter.

culottes with tights

Turtlenecks will create a versatile look.

how to wear culottes

Loose sweaters with chunky knit or polo necks are suitable for cloudy, cool weather in fall.

how to wear culottes in 2020

Stylish trench coats and straight coats are preferable as outwear.

how to war culottes in 2020

Leather jackets are ideal for culottes. We will get a stylish youth outfit.

Fashionable culottes 2020

Fashionable culottes: how to wear correctly?

As well as palazzo pants, culottes require a contrast of volumes. You can emphasize the waist by wearing a blouse with massive shoulders or puffed sleeves. Thus, your figure will look like an «hour-glass». This option is suitable for girls with massive hips or shoulders.

Leather jackets and loose jackets are suitable as outwear.

how to wear culottes in 2020

You can go in the opposite direction, wearing a tight-fitting body or shirt. It is better to leave the shoulders open.

how to wear culottes in 2020

Evening festive option is culottes with a crop top or a top with a V-shaped cut. The combination of a high waist and a deep neckline make the figure visually slimmer.

how to wear culottes in 2020

In summer of 2020 wear culottes with tops and blouses with three-quarter length sleeves. The easiest way to get the better of this model is to complement it with an ordinary cotton t-shirt. Use bright accessories as an accent: bags, jewelry, shoes.

Fashionable culottes 2020

Fashionable culottes: which footwear to choose?

Any footwear which shows the ankle is suitable for an outfit with culottes. In summer, it can be sandals with thin straps, in autumn and spring – classic court shoes.

how to wear culottes in 2020

how to wear culottes in 2020

If you want to look slimmer, wear high-heeled shoes, this allows you to visually lengthen the silhouette.

print culottes

Shoes with beige straps will be less visible on the feet, it will also create the effect of lengthening the legs. A casual option is flat sandals, wooden shoes or trendy mules.



In cool weather, wear culottes with cropped boots or ankle boots to match trousers or tights. Don’t wear this model with massive sneakers and wide boots. For example, with cowboy boots. This way your legs will look fatter and shorter.

Culottes 2020 photo
Frame Resort 2020

What accessories to choose for culottes?

Most often, culottes are worn without a belt, or with a fabric belt of matching color. Thanks to the style, the trousers emphasize the waist excellently and there is no need to additionally highlight it with accessories.

how to wear culottes in 2020

Also, the model is not worn with braces.

Due to its volume, it is not recommended combining culottes with massive bags and backpacks. The best option is the fashionable bag 2020: “suitcase” or the crossbody (worn over the shoulder).